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Mahesh Bhatt Gets Trolled On Twitter After Sharing Definition Of Depicting Society
Since the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, some Bollywood people have been targeted by social media users. The film industry is being accused of nepotism. People are constantly trolling certain celebrities, one of them is Mahesh Bhatt. Recently, Mahesh Bhatt made a tweet that once again people's anger erupted on him.
The cruel truth of Bollywood is that no star is permanent here. One day, the brightness of these stars fades. There is also a saying in Bollywood that it is easy to become a star but very difficult to maintain stardom. Glamor and stardom are such that no artist wants to lose but only a few...
Uma Devi Khatri Aks Tun Tun Birthday Special Unknown Interesting Facts About Her Life
Tun tun … is the name of Bollywood, which brings a smile on the face of people. Today's generation may be unknown by this name, but they are called the first comedians of Bollywood. Tun Tun's real name was Uma Devi Khatri, he was born on July 11, 1923 in Amroha, Uttar Pradesh. Her parents and...