Maldives has become a favorite vacation spot for Bollywood and TV celebs amid Corona virus epidemic. But TV actor Namish Taneja was forced to go to Maldives for vacation. He recently reached Maldives for a holiday with his girlfriend Aanchal. On reaching there, he became infected with the corona virus and got trapped there.

While Namish’s girlfriend Anchal has returned to Mumbai. Namish has given information about this through his social media account. With this, he said that there is no better country than India. He has also advised people to avoid rumors, wear masks and beware of corona virus.

Stay away from rumors

Namish wrote on his Instagram post, “I have been infected with the Corona virus in the Maldives. I have been quarantined in a resort and I had followed all the cautionary instructions but now … I have stayed away from rumors, The virus is true and spreading everywhere. Please wear a mask and keep your hands sanitized and do not get out. ”

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Not a better country than india

Namish further wrote, “Take care and pray for me. There is no better country than India. Jai Hind ..” Namish said in an interview to the Times of India that he spent most of last year shooting or pandemic Were at home because of it. In February this year, when the situation started normalizing, he planned a short trip.

Infected after reaching Maldives

Namish said that before the second wave of Corona virus started, he had booked the package for Maldives and arrived here on 10 April. He was to return to India after 4 days from here. But when the test was done on April 12, its report came back positive. After which he had to be quarantined there and his girlfriends went to Mumbai weeping. She was very sad to be separated.


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