In the era of resumption of activities, in the midst of a less chaotic moment of the pandemic, today we are going to talk about a festival that preferred to remain in the ‘remote world’: the Ultra Stage, which takes place between this Tuesday (17/05) and next Wednesday (05/18) will bring together artists from different genres, in addition to providing colabs and other musical experiments.

And why did Palco Ultra, even having the chance to be ’embraced’ in person by the public, chose to remain in the virtual field of the thing? This, Barral himself explained. “Something really cool is happening in the musical world to keep the possibility of holding a virtual event open, even though the face-to-face format is making a comeback. We believe that in this hybrid way, we can help new artists reach a wider audience through broadcast.”

Altogether, the Palco Ultra line-up is set up as follows:

May 17th: Tuyo and Luedji Luna, Carla Sceno and BNegão, Clarissa, Clara x Sofia, Nobat, Pretinho da Serrinha and Curumin. May 18th: FBC & Vhoor, Tasha and Tracie, Fenda, Kdu dos Anjos, Lilies, Jean Tassy and Ruby.

In this remote tune by choice, we talked to the band Tuyo, a trio formed by Lay, Lio and Machado, who will perform this Tuesday (17/05), alongside Luedji Luna, in an extraordinary and unique show.

“Our work is very grounded in this type of language (internet, online world). Once the internet was established as a channel where we could communicate and perform, even before the ‘armageddon’ (COVID-19 pandemic), this language was already beginning to establish itself as a possibility”, said Lio. “For us, participating in Palco Ultra is very nice, because it is very close to the tool, to the strategy we chose to communicate with people”, he added.

Altogether, Tuyo is already a band that accumulates three studio works: The debut ep To hurt (2017)and the disks To Heal (2019) and We arrived home alone, released last year with two volumes and nominated for a Latin Grammy in the category Best Contemporary Pop Album in Portuguese Language. Among some of the trio’s successes, we can highlight songs like Common Sense Advice, Crazy life and sole.

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In the days of Metaverse, Machado reflected: “What will change, mess up our head, is this: Ultra already has its ‘Metaverse’. People who will be a little confused, like: ‘wow, but I could be there now’. It’s another language.” Lio added: “The festival (Palco Ultra) proposes to the audience not a replacement of what would be a live show. It’s another kind of enjoyment of the song”.

For the show in partnership with Luedji Luna, the band said that the rehearsals took place remotely, in the style of the festival. “All processes were remote. It’s much easier when we know the artist’s work. The biggest challenge was designing the show, right? Create a comfortable place for Luedji’s language”, said Lio.

Luedji is an artist who stands out for a musicality that mixes elements of Jazz, R&B and MPB. The partnership with Tuyo only reinforces a relationship that already existed musically even before the COVID-19 pandemic. “We’ve done backing vocals for Luedji in all her shows in São Paulo”.

In addition to the collab Tuyo and Luedji, Palco Ultra will provide other musical encounters, such as Carla Sceno and BNegão, Pretinho da Serrinha and Curumin and Jean Tassy and Ruby. The shows will be broadcast on the channel of UNMUSIC

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