Tujhse Hai Raabta

Tujhse Hai Raabta 2 August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The episode starts offevolved with pandit ji asking aao saheb to call the bride. Kalyani comes there and says she will tie gajra to her hair and convey her here. She is going to her room and asks her to get geared up. She finds poison bottle on ground and anupriya unconscious on bed. She shouts anupriya….. It turns out to be her day dream.

She thinks if history will repeat, if i will lose my aai. She is standing outdoor. Pandit ji asks aao saheb to name anupriya. Aao saheb says ok and goes to her. Anupriya asks how am i looking and tells that kalyani made her put on heavy jewelry and asks shall i take out a few jewellery. Aao saheb stops her and apologizes to her. She says whilst you had come here, i saw you as bahu, today i am seeing you as a daughter. She apologizes to her. Anupriya asks her not to express regret to her, and says you’re constantly my mom, who has supported me and helped me come out of any pain. She touches her toes. Aao saheb blesses her. Kalyani comes home and is scared to enter in the residence.

Godaveri comes there and asks what are you doing right here, kaki is awaiting you. Kalyani asks her to give gajra to aai and says she will be able to are available someday. Godaveri comes inside. Malhar asks in which is kalyani? Godaveri says tai is out of doors. Malhar comes there and pats on kalyani’s shoulder. Kalyani shouts. He also shouts. He asks what came about, and asks her to return inside. Kalyani says i will are available someday. Malhar asks if the child is nice. Kalyani says sure and says i can come internal in someday.

Malhar brings umbrella and stands preserving it, tells that he is doing this for her and baby’s safety. Anupriya comes out for the wedding rituals and asks godaveri about kalyani. Godaveri says tai is outdoor. Malhar tells kalyani that he knows the way to take her inside. He comes interior and tells anupriya and sarthak that they’re searching precise. Anupriya asks where is kalyani? Malhar says she could be very sad and sitting out of doors. Anupriya says i recognize why she is behaving this manner. She goes to kalyani. Kalyani asks anupriya to move and doesn’t examine her.

She says if i see then you definately it will be inauspicious. Anupriya says if you suppose that history will repeat then it’s going to not manifest and asks her to open the eyes. Kalyani says no, after the marriage. Malhar, sarthak, aao saheb, godaveri and gungun sing ek dusre se karte hai pyar hum. Malhar makes kalyani opens her eyes. Anupriya opens her arms wide. Kalyani hugs her. They smile, at the same time as others surround and dance making a song the tune. Pandit ji solemnizes anupriya and sarthak’s marriage and tells that their marriage is finished. Aao saheb blesses them. Kalyani asks anupriya, if she will be able to not take her benefits. Anupriya pulls her ears. A man comes there and says speed submit got here for anupriya rane. Kalyani opens the envelope and unearths money. She says if it’s far indu’s trick, and says i had advised that don’t permit me attend the wedding. Anupriya says let me examine first and reads it. She says bhagyalakshmi despatched money for my ngo raabta. Kalyani asks if she is indu’s trick. Anupriya says no and tells that bhagyalakshmi wanted to assist her ngo.

She says she had stated that excellent things show up with precise humans. Kalyani desires to meet bhagyalakshmi. Anupriya promotes the display bhagyalakshmi from third august at eight:30. Kalyani asks anupriya to tell poetry approximately kaka. Anupriya promises to be with sarthak continually. Sarthak gives her prison papers. Anupriya says it’s far land papers. Sarthak tells that he desires her to open her ngo tujhse hai raabta on his land, as a way to assist humans. Anupriya breaks the coconut as per the rituals for the ngo. Malhar asks kalyani to dig the land and says ganapati bappa moriya. Anupriya asks aao saheb to do inauguration. Aao saheb inaugurates the ngo. Media comes there and asks anupriya how did she get this concept to open the ngo. Anupriya says she had suffered and felt an awful lot ache, which she didn’t need every person to undergo, that’s how she opened the ngo. Kalyani says it is not just ngo, however my aai’s dream. Song performs….

Aa ee maa…anupriya says i have kalyani with me, and he or she made my life’s darkness move away from me, but she can’t be with all and sundry. She says my ngo will help such people who need help. Malhar tells that they have got faced many problems and even moksh and gungun have seen many stuff. He says they got here nearer with time. Ajinkya says i am a kinnar, i didn’t realize the way, but anupriya and kalyani helped me and showed me the manner. Shilpi tells that she is a sufferer and they helped the accused punished and confirmed her the way.

The reporter appreciates kalyani and anupriya. Sarthak says their raabta is the muse for every mom and daughter’s relation and their raabta/connection helped us related at some stage in. Kalyani says this raabta will in no way give up. They have a hug. Malhar, kalyani, aao saheb, anupriya, sarthak, godaveri and gungun pose for a circle of relatives image.

The show ended on a satisfied notice.


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