Tujhse Hai Raabta

Tujhse Hai Raabta 7 June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.Com

Anupriya tells kalyani that she has asked her to come to show something. Kalyani asks her to inform the cause for her name while she receives excited seeing moksh. She hugs moksh, malhar tells her thar he brought him for godavari’s marriage. Moksh asks her for a sister or brother. Kalyani and anupriya open their mouths. He says malhar instructed him to ask. Kalyani chases malhar to heat him for teaching her son such things. The family doing the engagement preparations on full swing. Godavari isn’t always liking any of the jewelry sets proven to her. Aausaheb is calling her to buy them however she wants modern-day one. Even anupriya isn’t capable of help it. They name kalyani who says that for now let godavari put on her desire and for marriage she will be able to put on aausaheb’s favored rings. They consents. Anupriya and kalyani along with the circle of relatives is in corridor talking over things whilst moksh ajr gungun come there shouting that they won’t journey in that vintage jeep.

Malhar comes there and asks whether or not they know how plenty a car fees. Moksh says it doesn’t remember how high priced it’s miles however they should purchase a brand new one. All people go away from there leaving kalyani and malhar alone. Kalyani maintains her hand on his shoulder and says thar what their children are saying is proper after all his jeep may be very vintage one. Malhar says she is the only who is spoiling their son. Kalyani tells him now not to mention a phrase in opposition to her son. Kalyani request him to buy a brand new vehicle and he has the same opinion. Kalyani kisses him. Malhar receives a call from someone who asks him to come rapid. Malhar sayibg it’s a drug deal leaves ftom there. A person comes and asks kalyani to chose a vehicle. Kalyani thinking it’s malhar asks children to selected the auto.

They selected a car. Kalyani asks the man to depart after shouting on the kids for talking in center. Anupriya looks on the scene. The engagement rite starts offevolved and both exchange jewelry. Malhar receives a pouch and he opens it to see a automobile key. They see a be aware internal where it says it is sent via anupriya. Kalyani hugs anupriya. Indhu appreciates them. Kalyani and absolutely everyone get satisfied searching at the auto. Both the youngsters argue on who could take a seat on the first seat and moksh wins the race. He snatches the key from malhar and presses a button due to which the bonnet of the automobile opens and indhu shouts. They get bowled over seeing sunitha’s corpse with cash. Indhu leaves from there breaking the engagement. Constable tells malhar that the car is on anupriya’s name and the man they may be looking isn’t always certainly there.

Malhar says they’re a hit in trapping anupriya. He asks them to arrest her. Kalyani cries at the same time as malhar holds her. Sarthak promises anupriya to deliver her out. Every person is sitting in aausaheb’s house where sarthak says that it’s excursion consequently they’ll ought to look ahead to bail. And there are less chances of getting a bail. Kalyani argues. Malhar tries to make her recognize.

Episode ends.


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