Tujhse Hai Raabta

Tujhse Hai Raabta 6 June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.Com

The episode begins with anupriya telling gungun that kalyani has carried out all of the arrangements for the wonder birthday celebration and says she loves you very a good deal. Kalyani says aai loves her daughters very plenty. She asks gungun to reduce the cake. Anupriya lighting fixtures the candle. All of us cheers for gungun. Gungun unearths the candle blown via someone. She takes the cake and throws on kalyani’s garments, and laughs. Sarthak says gungun. Gungun says barbie has come to be grimy, now nobody will love her. Anupriya slaps her. Sarthak asks what are you doing? Anupriya asks gungun to say sorry to kalyani. Gungun says she has ruined my party and i’ve ruined her dress. She says this is my celebration, why did she wear barbie get dressed and blew at the candle. Kalyani says no. Moksh says i were given excited and blew on the candle. Asawari smirks. Anupriya asks gungun to mention sorry. Gungun refuses and goes from there. Sarthak goes behind her. Anupriya seems at kalyani. Kalyani gets involved. Malhar asks kalyani now not to stroll more, else he has to buy microscope to peer her. He asks what is the problem? Kalyani asks in case you had closed your eyes downstairs. Malhar says i had my eyes open and asks her to allow maayi teach area to her daughter. Kalyani says why she raised hand on my sister. Malhar asks in case your sister is more important than your aai. Kalyani says i don’t need to speak to you as you’re in shaggy dog story temper. Sarthak asks anupriya what became the want to slap her. Anupriya says you had only advised that children will be punished in the event that they do mistake. Sarthak says i asked you to present punishment, not to raise your hand.

He is going to gungun and asks her to see what’s it? He says it seems to be a gift. He says this doll could be very quite, however if it seems like gungun. Gungun seems on the doll and maintains at the bed, says she don’t want it. Anupriya comes there and sits beside her. She says if you do mistake then i ought to scold you, being your aai. Sarthak says your mom, father and sister are your circle of relatives. She says they shall not hurt each other in family. Anupriya says kalyani is your sister and deliberate this celebration for you, but you ruined it, she felt terrible. She says we are your mother and father, will love you and scold you while you do mistake too. Asawari hears them. Gungun runs out of the house. Asawari comes behind her and says i requested you to throw tantrums. She asks her to mention sorry to her aai and come to be suitable in her mother’s eyes, and then display to aai that kalyani isn’t super. Gungun comes to anupriya and apologizes to her. She says i will now not hassle you and will express regret to kallu too. Anupriya says she is your elder sister. Gungun says good enough and hugs her. Anupriya says we could cross and sleep. Gungun says she will be able to sleep with kallu nowadays. Gungun thinks they’re innocent humans and agreed to her sayings. Kalyani and malhar set up te tent out of doors their house. Kalyani asks them to sleep within the tent and now not to do any mischief else it’ll break. Moksh and gungun go to different tent. Malhar asks kalyani if she slept.

Kalyani says sure. He says we’re camping and the weather is right. Kalyani asks what are you pronouncing and asks him to sleep, says youngsters are slumbering in different tent. Gungun comes out of the tent and thinks they may be drowsing inside the tent, if something takes place to me then kallu can be punished. She takes the rope and attempts to make the tree department fall down at the tent. Kalyani comes there and holds at the tree department. She says i’ve understood when you changed into keen to sleep outside, tells that even she changed into like her sooner or later. Gungun tells that she will never like her and tells that she will be able to not percentage her aai along with her. Kalyani says you’ll take delivery of me and proportion aai with me. Much like aai has made me higher, i can make you better and the raabta which aai and i’ve, we both may have too. She says that is kalyani rane’s promise. She sees a broken star and prays for her sister’s happiness and to make area in her coronary heart. Malhar comes there and holds her. He says that is injustice, you asked in your sister, and not anything for us, you would have atleast asked a sibling for moksh. Kalyani asks if he didn’t sleep. Malhar tells that he awoke listening to her sisters’ talk. He says he’s positive that she can win gungun’s coronary heart. He says gungun is your xerox replica, smart and smart like you, however don’t forget that you have a son too. Kalyani says i am no longer concerned approximately moksh, i can handle him and will manage gungun too. Malhar asks what’s the manner? Kalyani tells that so much is saved in her mind and asks him to come back. Malhar says he is mad after her mind.

They see a damaged superstar…important toh tere naal ji plays…. Next morning, gungun wakes up and makes faces seeing kalyani’s percent. Kalyani comes there and says suitable morning behen. She asks did you sleep properly? She asks if you will not question me what i’m hiding, tells that she introduced new frock and dungaree for her. She asks what’s going to she put on? Gungun says not anything. She tells that she can reduce it. Sarthak and anupriya are inside the vehicle. Sarthak tells someone that he is going to ngo to complete the formalities of gungun. Anupriya smiles. He asks why is she smiling? Kalyani offers scissor to gungun and asks her to cut. Gungun asks if you may not experience awful. Kalyani asks why will i sense horrific, once i had finished the identical component earlier than. Gungun is set to cut, then stops and says i can put on it as i am not your sister. Kalyani says you are my sister, and to deal with you isn’t rocket technological know-how for me, and smiles.

Precap: gungun attempts to burn the frock given by way of kalyani. Asawari asks her to harm kalyani’s preferred element to damage her. Gungun comes to her and asks her to get her dolls married. Kalyani says first she has to give milk to moksh. Asawari says she will be able to deliver him milk and smirks.


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