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Following the announcement of the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections, political parties in Tamil Nadu have been active in coalition talks and constituency allocations. Parties wishing to contest on behalf of the DMK are filing nominations. DMK leader MK Stalin has filed a petition today to contest for the 3rd time in Chennai Kolathur, which he has already contested and won.

DMK leader MK Stalin has been campaigning around Tamil Nadu like a hurricane. Stalin’s journey, which started as Karunanidhi’s son in the DMK, is facing the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections today as the DMK DMK president.

MK Stalin contested the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections for the first time in 1984 in the Thousand Lights constituency and lost. Although Stalin lost his first election, he ran again in the 1989 assembly elections and won the Thousand Lights constituency and became an MLA for the first time. In the ensuing 1991 assembly elections, he contested the same Thousand Lights constituency and lost. He then went on to win the 2001 and 2006 Assembly elections, running in the Thousand Lights constituency.

Subsequently, he replaced MK Stalin in the 2011 assembly elections and contested in Kolathur. Saitai Duraisamy contested against him in the AIADMK. There was fierce competition between the two. MK Stalin won by a narrow margin. For the next 5 years MK Stalin made frequent visits to the Kolathur constituency. Stalin earned the confidence of the masses even though the DMK was not in power.

Later, Stalin contested the same Kolathur constituency in the 2016 election and won by a large margin this time. Although the DMK was still unable to come to power, Stalin was with the people of the constituency, providing relief to the people of the constituency at all times, such as the floods and the corona general freeze. It is in this context that MK Stalin today submitted his nomination papers to General Secretary Duraimurugan, Treasurer DR Palu and Organizational Secretary RS Bharathi at the DMK headquarters in Kolathur constituency.

MK Stalin is contesting from Kolathur constituency for the ninth time in this Assembly election. Whoever stands in Kolathur constituency, the DMK supporters in that constituency say that the people of the constituency support MK Stalin.

Similarly, in Kolathur constituency, not only DMK supporters but also non-partisans have visited and provided relief to the people of the constituency during MK Stalin’s floods, storms and corona freeze. Therefore, it is said that Kolathur has gained the trust of the people.

It was at this point that MK Stalin decided to contest the Kolathur constituency and filed a petition. This shows that after the Thousand Lights block, MK Stalin has committed to making Kolathur his permanent block.

At the same time, we Tamil Party chief coordinator Seaman Stalin said he would contest wherever he contested. It seems that the former IPS officer is planning to kill Annamalai if the BJP is given the Kolathu constituency.


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