Tujhse Hai Raabta

Tujhse Hai Raabta 3rd May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins with Malhar asking Vaijanti, calling her Kalyani to tell which flavor she needs in frozen yogurt. Meenakshi believes Kalyani’s down is finished, you had run longer. Malhar inquires as to whether she needs choco chips. Vaijanti looks behind and asks Kalyani which frozen yogurt flavor she needs. He asks to whom you was conversing with? Vaijanti says air/Kalyani and tells that assuming your Kalyani orders, bring my request tutti frutti. Meenakshi thinks she was going to get her, yet… .Vaijanti says she will get her own request. Malhar figures he will demonstrate that she is Kalyani and gets down to get tutti frutti frozen yogurt. Sunita takes a gander at Vaijanti and Malhar from a good ways. She covers her face with a fabric and applies dark tone on her temple. She glimpses inside the vehicle. Vaijanti taps on her shoulder and inquires as to for what reason would you say you are following me? Do you have any work with me? Sunita requests that she move back and says she isn’t terrified, as her men are throughout here, and assuming she does any shrewd demonstration or lift hand on her, her men will murder Malhar. Vaijanti says I have no association with Malhar and requests that she shoot on his hand and legs, so she can look through her Param. She inquires as to whether she knows her param and requests that she tell where is my better half, where did you shroud him? Sunita is stunned and flees. Vaijanti runs behind her. Malhar turns hearing her yelling and drops the frozen yogurt. He calls her Kalyani. Vaijanti goes behind her and asks where is my Param, hacks. Malhar comes there and inquires as to for what reason would you say you were yelling? Kalyani says a woman was following me and I thought she thinks about Param. She says she fled and says in the event that she had gotten her, would have thought about Param. Malhar says she isn’t following you for Param and requests that she come and have frozen yogurt.

Malhar and Vaijanti have frozen yogurt. He takes a gander at her. He says I have neglected to offer cash to frozen yogurt dealer and drops Moksh’s pic on the floor deliberately. He says I will offer cash to the frozen yogurt dealer and come. He is going to step on the pic, yet Vaijanti stops him. Malhar figures my Kalyani won’t let anybody hurting even her child’s pic Vaijanti requests that he bring her another frozen yogurt. Malhar figures for what reason did she carried on as though she isn’t influenced. He goes to bring frozen yogurt. Vaijanti picks the photograph and keeps on the vehicle. Malhar returns. Vaijanti educates him about keeping his photograph there.

Anupriya goes to the tent and discovers Bebe dealing with Vaijanti, after the last gotten high fever. Bebe advises that Vaijanti has committed to take rounds of the peepal tree for multiple times day by day, until Param returns. Anupriya says how she will take adjusts in these conditions. She calls Malhar. Malhar comes there. Anupriya tells about her condition. Malhar calls her Kalyani. Anupriya says take her inside. Bebe requests that she concur. Malhar lifts Vaijanti and takes her inside. Kalyani requests that he leave her. Malhar discloses to Bebe that he can help her discover Param and requests that she give his pic. He says he was ACP of Aurangabad and can help her. Bebe says she has numerous pics and takes him home. Anupriya requests that she bring Vaijanti’s garments. They leave. Anupriya sees injury on Vaijanti’s foot.

Malhar checks the pics and says it isn’t clear. He asks bebe to give Vaijanti and Param’s wedding pic. Bebe gets strained. Anupriya thinks she is Kalyani and that is the reason came to save Malhar. Sarthak carries specialist to check Vaijanti’s feet. Anupriya stops Doctor and tells that they will get her examination by her little girl and requests that the Doctor go. Sarthak blows up. Anupriya says please. Sarthak goes. Anupriya thinks to illuminate Malhar. Bebe tells that they had stolen away and wed, they didn’t allow us to get the pics clicked. She requests that he check Vaijanti’s bag, if there is any Param’s pic in it. He discovers Vaijanti and Param’s pic in the document. Anupriya calls him and requests that he get back home quick. All at once container tumbles down and breaks. She discovers covered up camera in it and figures she can’t disclose to him anything, else all that will be catch in the camera. She requests that he bring analgesic for her cerebral pain help. He says alright.

Precap: Sarthak discloses to Anupriya that criminal will be criminal for him and his/her place will be in prison. Anupriya thinks she is Kalyani’s safeguard consistently and no one can eye her.


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