Tujhse Hai Raabta

Tujhse Hai Raabta 23rd July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

the Episode begins with Anupriya saying thanks to Ganapati bappa for assisting Godaveri with picking the way, and requests that he make each way simple for her. Sarthak comes there and gets thinking. Anupriya asks what was the deal? Sarthak tells that they have tackled one girl’s concern, however what might be said about other girl. He tells that he feels that Kalyani and Malhar’s connection endured because of Ajinkya’s matter, before Mahika’s matter and your sickness. He says we will cause them to comprehend to offer chance to one another. Anupriya says alright and tells that they will accomplish something that they will get to know each other. She grins. Malhar goes to the room and calls Kalyani. Kalyani inquires as to whether Akshay is found. Malhar says he will get him similarly as he turns on his telephone. Anupriya and Sarthak come there and daze overlay them. Kalyani and Malhar ask what’s happening with they? Anupriya and Sarthak say that they will tell. They take them from the space to the adorned lobby and afterward requests that Malhar and Kalyani eliminate the blindfold in the wake of tallying 3. Malhar and Kalyani open the blindfold and see the enhancement. Malhar says it is Kaka’s thought, he is more heartfelt. Kalyani says it is my Aai’s thought and tells that she is more heartfelt. They have a contention. Kalyani says she is going to her Aai to say thanks to her. Malhar pulls her and hits the dance floor with her, while the tune I love you plays… .Anupriya comes there and says sorry to upset you, yet Ajinkya has some data about Akshay. Ajinkya says Akshay is going to Australia inside 2 hours. Malhar says he will request that Police check at each spot. Ajinkya feels conciliatory from his sibling’s side and advises that he needs to apologize to Shilpi. He comes to Shilpi and apologizes to her for his sibling’s doings and says Malhar and Kalyani will get him captured and furthermore rebuffed. He requests that she neglect and continue forward. He holds her hand erotically. She understands his touch and gets frightened, says you are… .He says I am Akshay. Shilpi gets frightened. He reviews Godaveri taking steps to kill him, when he takes oblivious Ajinkya out and profess to be oblivious and acts like Ajinkya. He says Malhar and Kalyani believed that Ajinkya had gone to meet Aai, however it is me. Shilpi is stunned. He says Aai and I are tricking Malhar and Kalyani together. He says they feel that Ajinkya went to meet Aai, however it is me. He reviews and a fb is shown. He reveals to Indu that their arrangement is effective. Shilpi attempts to call Malhar, however he prevents her from yelling and tells that Kalyani’s cleverness will trap herself.

Kalyani, Malhar and Anupriya go to where genuine Ajinkya is standing. Malhar points firearm at him. Ajinkya gets stunned. Malhar beats him for destroying a young lady’s life. Media comes there and tells that Commissioner is beating a conventional person. They blame Malhar for beating Godaveri’s significant other. Anupriya says call the emergency vehicle. Kalyani says we got data that Ajinkya’s twin sibling is getting away and that is the reason we came here after the area. Other journalist tells that Police and their relatives are merciless. Kalyani requests that they quiet down. Columnist reveals to Anupriya that Commissioner Malhar have beaten this person so fiercely and asks whom she will support, Ajinkya or magistrate. They besiege inquiries on Anupriya. Anupriya requests that they quiet down and tells that Police have done misstep, Malhar Rane will be suspended. Kalyani says it was Akshay’s arrangement, and he caught us. She asks how might you fault Malhar? Anupriya says Malhar began beating him without asking who right? Kalyani says you are requesting for Malhar’s suspension, it was disarray arranged by Akshay. Anupriya says do you feel that Malhar did right, by beating him. The correspondents leave hearing Police jeep sound. DSP calls Malhar. Malhar tells that everything was live broadcast via web-based media, DSP had no alternative so he suspended me. Kalyani feels terrible. They leave from that point.

Later Kalyani comes to room and apologizes to Malhar. She says you were suspended due to somebody’s error. She asks him not to sit in murkiness and switches on the lights. Malhar says what to say, I don’t accept on Maayi’s assertion. He says no one idea that I was getting caught. Kalyani says even I don’t trust from this Aai and tells that whatever she did wasn’t right. Malhar says I will would what I like to. Kalyani says I will not hush up, for a visually impaired young lady’s assault and will look through Akshay, on the off chance that I am on the job or not. He goes. Indu sees the news on Akshay’s portable. Akshay professes to be a woman clad in saree and says it’s anything but an uplifting news. Malhar comes to PS and tells that Akshay isn’t found. Malhar requests him to bring the rundown from individuals, who came to meet Indu. Indu reveals to Akshay that Police is after him. Akshay says Malhar is suspended and Kalyani is annoyed with her Aai. Indu says then, at that point likewise Police is after you. Pawar educates Malhar that somebody came from NGO to meet Indu.


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