Tujhse Hai Raabta

Tujhse Hai Raabta 2 June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.Com

The episode starts offevolved with gungun asking anupriya if she made all of the meals for her. Anupriya says yes. Sarthak asks her in which she had stayed earlier than coming right here. Asawari asks him to allow her have food first. Kalyani comes there and says who has come to have meals with gungun. She asks moksh and gungun to patch up and emerge as buddies once more. Asawari nods no to gungun. Anupriya asks gungun to mention sorry to moksh. Gungun says sorry and hugs him. Malhar comes there and asks moksh to talk to utara. Moksh says whats up. Malhar and kalyani take a seat to have food. Utara hypnotizes him with the ghungroo sound and asks him to do some thing. Malhar and kalyani ask moksh to have food. They see bow and arrow in his hand and firing at gungun. He fires at the balloons and makes flower petals fall on her. He says welcome domestic gungun and hugs her. Malhar says you shall no longer do prank once more. Asawari thinks why he didn’t get hypnotized through utara and looks at the cotton ball in his ears. Moksh recalls gungun setting cotton ball on her ear and asking him not to worry. Sarthak asks asawari to sit. Asawari is ready to tug anupriya’s pallu and cause them to fall down. Anupriya seems at her. Asawari says some thing is to your saree and acts to smooth it. Anupriya thank you her and says she will be able to deliver kheer. Moksh coughs. Anupriya thinks gungun is coughing and springs going for walks to her, and offers her water. Sarthak is set to tell her, but kalyani asks him to let or not it’s. Malhar gives water to moksh. Kalyani tells malhar that there may be no lacking report for gungun. She tells that she couldn’t locate her sister too and feeling helpless. Anupriya is blindfolded and performs sport with gungun. Moksh joins them. Gungun falls down. Anupriya is ready to take her blindfold material, however gungun says she is excellent. Kalyani is happy to see her aai satisfied. Sarthak says this happiness is shortlived, she can’t handle if gungun leaves.

Asawari and utara take a look at them from a ways. Utara says there may be a surprise for them. Gungun opens utara’s envelope and offers to anupriya. Anupriya offers it to kalyani. Kalyani says i can keep it. Anupriya takes gungun to make her sleep. Kalyani sees adoption papers and thinks why she desires to adopt gungun, knowing how aai and gungun are becoming linked and attached to each other. She questions her. Utara tells that she doesn’t realize, tells that they have filed for adoption, but then her husband died. She says she wants to undertake a infant to satisfy her husband’s closing desire and changed into not aware that the lady changed into gungun. Sarthak talks to malhar about anupriya. Malhar shows him to inform fact to anupriya. Asawari hears her. Kalyani says she wishes to speak to the adoption corporation and says she desires to ask how irresponsible are they because the woman is missing? Utara makes a call to asawari and calls her ma’am. She says i got the adoption papers which you have despatched us. Asawari pretends to be adoption centre officer and asks kalyani to offer gungun to uttara. Kalyani asks if you don’t display the p. C to the couple adopting the lady. Asawari says no, till the paper paintings is completed, we don’t tell every person. Asawari informs anupriya that gungun is followed by utara. She asks her to preserve her love for her own daughter who’s alive. Anupriya is amazed. Utara emotionally blackmails kalyani. Kalyani consents to permit pass gungun go together with her. Utara smirks. Anupriya asks if her daughter is alive? Asawari says sarthak will inform this, to idiot you. Sarthak comes there.

Asawari says i am going from here. Sarthak informs anupriya about their daughter and shows the comic strip. Anupriya says you’re doing this in order that i handover gungun to utara. She says i can now not let her go anywhere. She wakes up gungun and takes her faraway from there. Sarthak attempts to talk to her. Asawari smirks to play mind video games with anupriya. Anupriya says i’ve visible your lie and understood the whole thing. Sarthak says i am now not lying. Anupriya takes the knife and continues on her neck. She says you are mendacity to keep gungun away from me. Malhar asks her to apprehend. Kalyani tells anupriya that her daughter is alive and says kaka is saying truth.

Precap: utara is taking gungun forcibly from there, whilst kalyani brings water and pours on her head. The black coal powder is going faraway from gungun’s frame. Kalyani is surprised to look her sister.


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