Tujhse Hai Raabta

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Within the night anupriya asks how ajinkya can do anything of the kind, kaka explains that there’s no telling what a person can do even if they seem innocent and there might be a reason godavari doesnot need to go together with him, he feels that ajinkya is taking revenge, malhar explains there’s some other hassle that godavari doesnot want to just accept that he can perform rape. Kalyani reveals he turned into additionally appearing unusually, when he came to meet her within the morning, he become honestly clean however within the nighttime turned into tensed and nervous,

anupriya exclaims something is the matter the suffering is of the women, on one side is godavari and the opposite pinki. She decides to speak with godavari on my own, she in her is questioning they’ve in only two days given her room to gungun and do not do not forget her as the daughter,

anupriya replies to this room will constantly belong to her, gungun will soon go to moksh’s room, godavari going to aai exclaims this isn’t what she intended, anupriya coming interior exclaims she said it in anger, godavari replies she can’t apprehend the way to in form her, anupriya exclaims she doesnot ought to suppose and ought to just say what’s in her heart,

godavari explains the whole situation, anupriya is taken aback. Kalyani in the hall exclaims that ajinkya has referred to as twice asking why godavari isn’t always answering his name what can she say, anupriya replies she will be able to talk with him but godavari will now not leave the residence, kaka replies it’s far after she tells them what has passed off,

anupriya replies she can not tell them, malhar asks if this is because godavari knows that he’s the rapist however anupriya says it is not that, malhar questions then what is the matter and if she is aware of about the rape then why is she hiding, anupriya confirms that ajinkya has now not raped every person, she leaves with out taking note of some thing.

Kalyani is not capable of sleep so within the night time, she sits up remembers whilst godavari insists that ajinkya isn’t always a rapist, however malhar exclaimed they have got recognized the voice of the criminal. Kalyani is going to the room of shilpi to discover the reality, she doesnot locate her so thinks she would possibly have long gone to the bathroom,

she waits deliberating no longer leaving until she has a communication with her, kalyani is standing, a person coming from in the back of asks if she was going to expose his reality, he attempts to kill her however she manages to combat with him, shilpi comes asking who is in the room, kalyani asks here to not be worried as he will contend with the situation,

ajinkya starts to strangulate kalyani, malhar comes from in the back of and starts offevolved preventing with him, ajinkya is able to run away and malhar asks if she saw that he become proper. Godavari exclaims that this ajinkya became now not the man or woman she commenced loving, he’s a modified man, aai asks her to make her existence with him as she is now his spouse,

malhar and kalyani come pronouncing that ajinkya is the culprit as he’s the only who raped the female, anupriya insists that there is nothing of the sort, godavari additionally asks kalyani to forestall blaming her but kalyani asks them to look the marks on her neck which can be a proof that ajinkya is the rapist, anupriya doesnot trust them saying it can’t show up as he has come to satisfy godavari and is inside the rest room,

ajinkya comes out of the bathroom, malhar without delay takes him by means of the neck pushing, kalyani separates them, malhar asks them to see the proof as he scratched his hand and their would be the marks of his nails, he asks ajinkya to open his sleeves however they are taken aback to look there are not any marks,

kalyani requests anupriya to show the fact due to the fact they understand some thing is wrong between godavari and ajinkya but anupriya exclaims she can’t inform her, malhar leaves in anger. Kalyani rushes malhar who’s angry, he even hits the vase then kalyani starts dancing with him trying to make him smile but he asks her to stop these childish acts due to the fact he can’t be calm when the rapist is roaming in their house,

kalyani asks him to believe aai as though she is not telling them, it’d be some thing definitely vital. In the morning indu jee is within the jail asking if she will even get the water but godavari explains she merits simplest poison due to the fact she has ruined his life, indu jee asks her to not be so rushes as she is her mother in law, she became the only who begged her to allow the wedding and that is what came about,

godavari replies that she had a few desires however they all have been ruined, she has made her existence a hell after the marriage when she concept of residing a non violent life in her personal residence, she compelled her to stay in her circle of relatives’s house,

ajinkya locations his hand on her shoulder she leaves in anger, he asks his mother so she says he need to now not fear approximately her,

someone from the nook calls indu jee, he comes and it’s far ajinkya’s twin who explains the drama turned into well worth seeing but malhar scratched his hands, he’s going to have to pay a heavy rate for his actions, indu jee advises him to make them pay as she is in jail due to them.

Ajinkya is attempting to stop godavari who’s absolutely irritated, he requests her to prevent even supplying to drop her returned to the residence, she insists on going alone asking if he turned into sincerely there, ajinkya asks how he can be their while he became along with her and aai. Godavari asks aau sahib why she is giving such a lot of gifts, aau sahib replies that it’s miles her residence and even asks wherein is anupriya due to the fact she has to perform the rituals,

kalyani asks godavari if she is sure which worries aau sahib who asks what has came about, kalyani explains she feels there are some troubles among godavari and ajinkya so she must not depart, godavari asks her to no longer remark approximately her husband, aau sahib ordering them to prevent asks kalyani to carry out the ritual however godavari refuses to permit her, there is a person on the door,

aau sahib opens it to find ajinkya status there, he takes her benefits or even greets kalyani who’s truely indignant, ajinkya replies he has a few paintings in order that they want to hurry however aau sahib assures he can leave after the small ritual however malhar says he can not leave the house.

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