Tujhse Hai Raabta

Tujhse Hai Raabta 15th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Aau sahib asks them to hurry up as what’s the worry, indu jee asks godavari to come together with her, she takes her hand asking why is she wearing those bangles as it would create troubles, kalyani asks godavari to return along with her as her sarree is lose, godavari exclaims that it’s miles satisfactory however kalyani insists on taking her upstairs,

kalyani remaining the door slaps godavari questioning why is indu jee carrying those same bangles which anupriya has, godavari replies she doesnot recognise what kalyani is talking approximately, kalyani mentions she insisted on making the same jewelry as anupriya from aau sahib after which advised her that every and every jewellery which became prepared for her wedding ceremony has been stolen, so how did they come at the hands of indu jee, godavari says that indu jee demanded her to provide the jewellery if she wants to marry her son so that is why she gave her them because she wants to get married, kalyani asks her to prevent crying and move downstairs due to the fact absolutely everyone be could be waiting for her, aau sahib also comes knocking asking she is ready,

kalyani exclaims she is ready and might cross for the marriage, kalyani in the room thinks how malhar saw the hand and felt it became anupriya, malhar comes wondering what has befell, kalyani replies that she has discovered the real jagdam shanay, malhar is stressed so kalyani revels the complete situation, malhar exclaims this is why she has been seeking to lure aai, and all of it started for the reason that he seized the black money, kalyani asks him to arrest her but malhar says he doesnot have any proof, kalyani says she might get the evidence for him.

The wedding is progressing with the circle of relatives constantly receiving the items because of the wedding, aau sahib and kalyani exclaims she is surely respectable and so has plenty of items, malhar brings anupriya, indu jee questions why did they bring her whilst they all promised to not have any family members along with her, anupriya replies that she has simply come to present them the blessings and would leave with malhar after it has finished, she gives the benefits then gets the decision from her manager who says they have stolen the black money which the police became transporting to the head quarters and have ship it to the wedding residence as a present, she can have a look and maintain the money, indu jee listening to the verbal exchange takes the knife and makes it look like as if anupriya is attempting to take her hostage, she asks every person to stay lower back and give anupriya her money in any other case she could kill her, kaka places the present within the car and indu jee drives away,

after overlaying a distance, she stops the car exclaiming that anupriya has made her life smooth through falling into the entice as she also were given the cash because of her and turned into even in charge her for everything. Indu jee opens the gift, she is bowled over to discover the word that asserts they have got located the actual jagdam shanay, malhar along side the whole own family is standing, he asks if she notion she might get away after committing such heinous crime,

anupriya gets out of the auto and is strolling towards her circle of relatives, indu jee places the knife around her neck threatening to kill her, anupriya hits her, exclaiming that due to her movements loads of girls generally tend to suffer, she preferred to open an ngo for such ladies so we can live in peace, not like the fish dealer which died because of indu jee’s moves, kalyani recalls the call tujhse hai rabata, she asks anupriya is tujhse hai rabata is the call of the ngo,

anupriya walks to hug her, indu jee seeing the opportunity tries to run away but once you have realizes there may be no key, malhar shows her the important thing questioning if she thought he might let her break out so without problems, he asks pawar kaka to arrest indu jee. Anupriya apologizes to kalyani, she ask why did aai assume that she would be able to live with out her and she or he can not survive with anupriya, kalyani replies she is not able to doing something without her, anupriya mentions that is what she doesnot want and wishes that kalyani fulfils her responsibility without her help,

kalyani takes the rock and hits her arms, all of them rush to her or even she hits the hand of anupriya asking her to depart however first separate the blood most effective then might she have the ability go away, anupriya starts offevolved crying and kalyani exclaims she can not be whole with out her and so needs her to usually be together with her.

Anupriya is within the kitchen wondering this is what she desired, and it’s miles the day while her ngo could in the end start, aau sahib asks in which her medication is, anupriya seeing it inside the kitchen takes it to her explaining she once again forgot it inside the kitchen, aau sahib asks her to make something sweet as godavari is also coming to the house, anupriya agree. Kaka comes with 3 distinct attire which all have a few hassle, he questions what he ought to wear, anupriya advises him to go again to the room and he or she could be their in a minute, gungun comes stressful pancakes from anupriya because she is uninterested in ingesting the equal dish, gungun rushes to aau sahib thanking her, anupriya leaves to the kitchen, kalyani coming turns off all of the stoves, anupriya exclaims there is lots of work, kalyani says that she would contend with the whole lot while anupriya should pass and get equipped as it’s miles a truly huge day for her.

Kalyani introduces anupriya in the front of the visitors who’ve come to the hole, she asks aai and kaka to sit when gungun comes saying to aai she desires to visit the washroom, kalyani asks aai to take a seat while she might take gungun earlier than asking malhar to introduce her, he exclaims that he has never seem any women like anupriya who is always worrying and doesnot think incorrect of each person, kaka also says even though he became now not married to anupriya he might continually be ready to accept that anupriya is a in reality robust girls.

One of the reporter asks anupriya if she feels she is capable of taking the obligation of an ngo even at this age, anupriya replies why now not due to the fact in order for one to acquire whatever their most effective must be dedication, and to open an ngo become her dream, they ask if he might no longer paintings as a attorney anymore, anupriya mentions that she feels she could be capable of higher run the ngo due to her profession, they ask who would she help with her ngo, she replies the ngo is made for those ladies who do not have everybody to aid them,

kaka exclaims they ought to additionally see the ngo however anupriya says they should wait kalyani and till then the reporters can ask any greater questions, they ask who was the inspiration, so anupriya says that kalyani become the muse for the ngo as she is her daughter who has constantly been along with her, with out her she might not were able to cowl this sort of lengthy distance, kalyani exclaims that is just her wondering.

Anupriya makes her wear the title of the pleasant daughter, she along with aau sahib and kalyani formally inaugurate the ngo tujhse hai rabta, anupriya explains it turned into named after her relationship with kalyani.


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