TRS MPs On Munugode Bypoll: Earlier Voters Stood By KCR: The previous by-election, which created a sensation across Telangana, filled the TRS ranks with enthusiasm. TRS MPs Venkatesh Neta, Maloth Kavitha, and Manne Srinivasa Reddy said that earlier voters supported TRS, CM KCR, and Telangana. Bandi Sanjay is talking like a child even though the BJP lost in the previous election. TRS fought for justice in this by-election. Modi’s corporate moves have been rejected by voters before. Bandi Sanjay is an ignorant fool. It is a shame for Bandi Sanjay to say that TRS won the election by distributing money. Doesn’t Bandi Sanjay know that the Election Commission is in the hands of the Centre? The Venkatesh leader said that Modi and Amit Shah had brought the by-election earlier to stop the BRS.

BJP has become like a drama company. Modi and Amit Shah misused the constitutional system and tried to win in the previous election. Voters rejected that effort. The by-election came only for the 18 thousand crore contract. Modi Amit Shah threatened Rajagopal that he will give the contract only if he resigns. Constitutionally, other party MLAs joined TRS. MLAs of other parties were not taken to protect the government. BJP bought MLAs and changed governments in many states. The government has not changed by taking MLAs here. He alleged that BJP spent thousands of crores of rupees to change the party and governments of BJP Battebaj.

Arunachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Manipur, Goa, and Sikkim did not do unethical politics to form BJP governments. Bandi Sanjay still needs to increase his knowledge. BJP leader Vivek Aviveki. Shameless Daddamma Neta Vivek. Vivek does not have the level to criticize KTR. Vivek raised the curtain on corporate politics. We condemn Vivek’s comments. BJP is a party of thieves who tried to buy MLAs and got caught red-handed. He said that the BJP, the party of thieves, has no place in Telangana. BRS is gaining popularity all over the country. He said that the previous verdict has paved the way for the strengthening of BRS.

MP Maloth Kavitha said. Telangana Dharma was upheld in the past. Congratulations to the previous voters who stood by Telangana during the examination. BJP also won in other states. Did they win by misusing power there too? Vivek KTR is not the leader of Utter Plop in politics. Vivek’s money went to Huzurabad. Vivek’s money went to Munugodu. People rejected Vivek’s money politics earlier. Earlier, BJP committed suicide. Earlier people decided that BJP will not be popular in Telangana. Telangana will stand by KCR at any time of examination. A stern lesson has been given to the fanatical forces. He said that if the behavior of BJP leaders does not change, people will throw them out. MP Manne Srinivas Reddy criticized BJP leaders. People have blessed BRS earlier because the Telangana model is wanted for the country. Earlier people did not believe BJP’s lies. He said that the people have given wisdom to the BJP which brought about the by-election.


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