The uncle-nephew of Mayal, a resident of Deoria, died after drowning in the Saryu river on Wednesday. People removed the body from the river and informed the police. Police reached the spot and took the body for post-mortem.

Vikas Yadav, a resident of Mayal village, son Ramchandra Yadav (28) years old, took his nephew Aditya Yadav (4) year old son Sachin Yadav with a bike in the morning to go to his farm situated on the banks of Saryu river to dump cow dung. Meanwhile his nephew Aditya went to the Sarayu river to wash his hands without being told. His feet slipped while washing his hands. He started drowning in the river. Then, seeing the development fell on him, he left the job of fertilizing the field and he started trying to save it.

Meanwhile, he also drowned in the river. Seeing this, some people working in the nearby field made a noise and took them out of the river while trying to save both. In a hurry, people take care of both. The center reached Bhagalpur. Here the doctor declared both of them dead. Police reached the information and took the dead body and sent it to the district headquarters for posmartum. Family members are in a bad state.



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