Tragedy King Dilip Kumar's special appeal, demands autographs and old letters and photos

The veteran actor of Bollywood is 98 years old. His film career is 77 years old. During this time, he achieved his separate place. He was also honored with several national and international awards. During this time, and even today, his popularity has not diminished from any trending star. His fans are in crores.

For those fans, tragedy king Dilip Kumar has given a message through his social media account. In this message, he has been his fans and has asked for such photos and letters from the fans’ grandchildren and close friends, on whom he gave autographs during that period. Some people are also replying on this tweet of Dilip Kumar with a photo and a letter.

See Dilip Kumar’s tweet here

Dilip Kumar’s appeal
Actually, Dilip Kumar wrote in the official tweet, “In the last 77 years, Dilip Kumar signed thousands of pictures and letters, these pictures and letters belonged to people who liked and loved his works. If you, your Relatives or grandparents or nanny’s have similar memories, share them on Twitter. ”

Keep it as treasure
After this tweet released from the Twitter handle of Dilip Kumar, the fans are sharing their signed pictures and letters on Twitter. A user shared an old picture of Dileep and a picture of a letter. Dilip Kumar has the sign on both of them. Sharing this, the user wrote, “Excellent collection but I would like to say that it is incomplete without you Dilli Sahib. My mother was a big fan of hers and her signed letter and picture is kept as a treasure.”


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