7.7 reactor scale earthquake on southern Pacific island, tsunami warning in many countries including New Zealand

Tonga Earthquake: 7.5 Magnitude Earthquake Under The Sea, Within 10 Months There Is A Tsunami Threat In Tonga: Tonga earthquake: A magnitude 7.5 earthquake struck under the Pacific Ocean, 130 miles southeast of Tonga, on Friday evening. Due to which, after January, tsunami warning was again issued in the island nation.

Tsunami warning issued again in Tonga after January

Large earthquake under the Pacific Ocean. Due to which a tsunami warning was issued in the island nation of Tonga. The earthquake occurred Friday evening, 130 miles southeast of Tonga, under the sea. Its magnitude was 7.5 on the Richter scale. A tsunami warning has also been issued for American Samoa by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center. They also said that tsunami waves can come within a radius of 300 km from the epicenter of the earthquake. These include Niue and Tonga. According to the US Geological Survey, the earthquake occurred 10 kilometers below the surface.

Immediately after the earthquake, intense panic spread among the residents on the island of Tonga. In several videos shared on social media, Tongans have been seen crossing to safe areas in the dark of night with the rain on their heads. They are gathering from the low areas to the highest places possible. Tsunami warning sirens are heard in the background. Last January, the entire island of Tonga was submerged in a terrible tsunami wave. That time the tsunami was created by the massive eruption of an underwater volcano called Hunga Tonga Hapai. The eruption was so large that it was visible even from space.

Earthquakes on the island of Tonga, however, are nothing new. Tonga is located just 37 miles from the Pacific Ocean’s ‘Ring of Fire’. The ring of tectonic plates surrounding the Pacific Ocean is known as the Ring of Fire. Tectonic plates often collide in this ring area. Many volcanoes are also located around this line. As a result, this region is the most earthquake prone region in the world.

Tongans never thought they would have to go through the same experience again just a few months after the January tsunami. They said on social media that they never thought they would have to face the fear of tsunami once again in their lifetime. A large part of Tonga was completely destroyed by volcanic ash and tsunami waves last January, turning the green color of Tonga gray. A 90 meter long tsunami wave was generated in the Pacific Ocean. As a result of which Tonga, Fiji, American Samoa, Vanuatu, including several Pacific island states were drowned. New Zealand, Japan, USA also suffered losses.


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