Tomorrow PM Modi will launch Chauri Chaura Shatabdi Festival, postage stamp will be released in honor of martyrs

Lucknow: When the country was a slave, in February 1922, an incident occurred in Chauri Chaura, adjacent to Gorakhpur, after which the non-operation movement was being run against the British Government, in a shock, the whole country was withdrawn. had gone. Although the Chauri Chaura incident has been named from the pages of history, now the Yogi government of the state is going to do the Chauri Chaura Shatabdi Festival to bring the history of Chauri Chaura to everyone. It will be started by Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself on 4 February.

In the manner in which Chauri Chaura incident has been presented in history, another picture of Chauri Chaura was placed in front of everyone. But now the effort of the Yogi government is that the correct history of Chauri Chaura should be revealed to everyone and the martyrs of there can get proper respect. For this, the government is going to start the Chauri Chaura Shatabdi program from February 4. The program will be inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi through video conferencing. Not only this, he will also issue a postage stamp in honor of the martyrs of Chauri Chaura.

Whatever happened on 4 February 1922, behind it, an incident of 2 February is involved. According to historian Professor Ravi Bhatt, Chauri Chaura was presented as a scandal but the reality was something else. He clearly says that the government is trying to give due respect to those who were martyred there through this program and it should be welcomed. Along with this, it is also said that when Mahatma Gandhi, after being hurt by this incident, announced the withdrawal of the Non Cooperation Movement across the country, how did Jawaharlal Nehru, who was in jail at the time, said that Gandhi ji took this in a little hurry Took the decision.

History professor Ravi Bhatt says that in fact, when the non-operation movement was going on in the whole country and the British were apprehensive, then after the incident of Chauri Chaura, there was a disappointment among the Indians by the sudden withdrawal of this movement. .

Actually, the Yogi government has prepared a detailed outline for the Chauri Chaura festival. In this, on 4 and 5 February, there will be respect for the freedom fighters and their families at the martyr’s place and memorials in the districts. At the same time, police bands will give their presentations. At the same time, on February 4 and 5, a special cleanliness campaign will also be run in the entire state. This Shatabdi Festival will continue throughout the year which includes different programs.

Not only this, by issuing a letter to all the commissioners and DMs of the state, it has been said that when the Chauri Chaura Shatabdi Festival starts on February 4, people everywhere should sing Vande Mataram at 10 am. Make a video clip and upload it in the government so that it can be recorded in the world record. The government has also decided that the entire history of Chauri Chaura will also be included in the school curriculum of children.

BJP leaders are saying that Chauri Chaura has not always been given a place in history. It was shown as a scandal which is not good. To honor those martyrs, the government is now organizing this centenary festival program.

Ever since the Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh came to power, many programs have been organized in honor of such freedom fighters and martyrs. Now in this episode, Chauri Chaura Shatabdi Festival is being started. Obviously such programs are important to remember those who sacrificed their lives for freedom. At the same time, the intention of such government is to let the coming generations also know about their sacrifice.


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