Today's Life Mantra:Should serve the society, but also keep in mind the needs of the family

Story – Swami Dayanand Saraswati founded the Arya Samaj and he was constantly working to increase it. For this, Swamiji used to take donations from people so that social work could be done easily.

One day a person came to Dayanand Saraswati and said, ‘Swamiji, I want to donate ten thousand rupees for Arya Samaj’. At that time, ten thousand rupees was a huge amount.

Swamiji looked at the person from top to bottom. Seeing his condition, Swamiji asked him, ‘Brother, what do you do?’

The person said, ‘I have a shop.’

Swamiji asked, ‘Do you earn so much from the shop?’

The person said, ‘No, I want to sell the shop and donate it. I am very impressed with you and I also want to do social service.

Swamiji asked, ‘Who are the people in your house, how many people are going to earn and what is the means of earning everyone?’

The person said, ‘I have a wife and children in my house. This shop is our source of income. I am the only earning member.

Hearing these things, Swamiji said, ‘Look brother, to serve one religion, to cut off part of another religion is a sin. Like social service, following the family is also a religion. Your first religion is to follow the family. Children have to be educated. The means of income is shop only. If you do social service by selling a shop, how will the house run? I will definitely take donations from you, but according to your status. ‘

Swamiji took a hundred rupees from that person in charity and sent it back.

Sikhs – The conduct of Swami Dayanand Saraswati is explaining to us that one religion should never be ignored for the other. Social service and family upbringing are both religions. Today, both the donors and the donors are quite high, but we should avoid making too much donations regardless of the happiness and sorrow of the family. Social service should also be done thoughtfully. People taking donations should not take so much donations from anyone that there is a shortage of money in the personal life of the donor.


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