Today in History:The Oxford Dictionary, which is 164 years old, contains more than 60 million words in languages ​​around the world.

Talking about English dictionary always comes to mind in our Oxford Dictionary. Today, the Oxford Dictionary is part of every student’s life. The Oxford Dictionary was first published on 1 February 1884. However, its construction started in 1857 itself.

At that time the people of the Philological Society of London considered systematically preparing an English dictionary. It included the Anglo-Saxon words prevalent from the 11th century to the 18th century. At that time it was prepared in 4 volumes. 6,400 more words were added to it.

The dictionary was fully completed in 1928, 40 years after this. More than 4 lakh words were included in this dictionary and it was prepared in 10 volumes. It was titled – A New English Dictionary on Historical Principal (A NEW ENGLISH DICTIONARY ON HISTORICAL PRINCIPLES). Since then every year the Oxford Dictionary contains words from every language.

In this way, this dictionary is updated every year. In 1984, an electronic version of the dictionary was considered. 120 people typed the dictionary words for this. 50 proof readers were kept. The online version of the dictionary has been active since 2000. There are currently 20 volumes of the Oxford Dictionary. It contains 60 million (6 crore) words. It weighs more than 62 kg. It is said that if you type all the words included in the dictionary, it may take more than 120 years.

Important events of 1 February in India and the world are as follows:

1785: Warren Hastings attends council meeting for the last time. Resigned from the post of Governor General of Bengal after the meeting.

1827: Bengal Club of Calcutta established.

1835: East India Company leases Darjeeling area from Sikkim.

1855: East India Railway is officially inaugurated.

1881: St. Stephen’s, the most prestigious and oldest college in Delhi, was established.

1884: Postal Insurance Scheme was introduced.

1949: Press Trust of India acquires Associated Press of India.

2003: US spacecraft crashes while returning to Earth from Columbia. Seven astronauts including Kalpana Chawla of India were killed in the accident.

2004: More than 250 people were killed and 244 injured due to the Haj pilgrimage.

2009: India’s Mahesh Bhupathi and Sania Mirza pair won the mixed doubles title for the first time in the Australian Open Tennis tournament.


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