To Solve The Pain Of Salt: Feet are just as important as other parts of our body. We need to treat foot problems with equal importance. Plantar fasciitis is a major problem that most people face today, especially those who are overweight.

Many people feel excruciating pain when they wake up in the morning and try to put their feet on the ground. The main symptoms are excruciating pain, swelling, and stiffness in the abdomen. These symptoms can occur in only one leg or in both legs.

These are the causes of plantar fasciitis. Pain can also be caused by reduced blood flow to the muscles on the bottom of the foot, arch problems, flat feet, and raised arches. Other important factors are Achilles tendon tightness, obesity, prolonged standing, long-distance running, and weight gain during pregnancy. Carelessness in choosing footwear is another major cause. Bad insoles, lack of arch support, incorrect measurements, use of wet socks, wrong lifestyle, etc.

Housewives, teachers, traffic police, security, etc., who work long hours, suffer from salt pain more. Usually, such pain can be reduced with medication and exercise.

In physiotherapy, ultrasound therapy, tens, tapping, and stretching are effective treatments. Massaging the painful area on the bottom of the foot with an ice cube for 10-15 minutes is effective. Massage the painful area with your hands. The plantar fascia can be released by placing a tennis ball on the bottom of the painful foot and pressing the toes to the heel.

Another important treatment is the contrast bath. Take a bowl of hot water and another bowl of cold water and soak the painful foot alternately in hot water for three minutes and cold water for two minutes. Continue this two or three times. Stretching with the toes on the ground and raising the ball, sitting on a chair and placing the fingers straight on a towel spread on the floor, and then curling the fingers and closing the back with the towel stretch are very relaxing exercises. Choosing a soft insole for shoes can also help relieve the pain of bunions.


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