There are some drinks that are drunk mostly in the summer as they help to eliminate the summer problems. For example, during the summer season, there are problems of acidity, nausea or food digestion, in which case these drinks are considered effective. Shikanji is also a similar drink, which is used for taste in summer, but did you know that in addition to taste, Shikanji is beneficial for the body in many ways. Come, know-

shikanji benefits in hindi

Benefits of drinking Shikanji – Drinking
shinji improves the immunity system of the body, but care should be taken to make it use jaggery instead of sugar. By adding more sugar, it produces acidity in the stomach.

– Many elements of the body come out due to sweating in summer. The necessary electrolytes are also removed. The amount of these elements remains in the body by drinking Shikanji from a glass daily.

-Vitamin C-rich Shikanji improves skin. Drinking once a week also removes skin problems.

– Potassium present in it can control high blood pressure. Whenever the problem of high blood pressure is felt, then a glass of shikanji should be consumed.

-This drinking relieves depression and stress. Many research has revealed that staying hydrated helps in staying away from stress. At the same time, lemon is used in Shikanji, which is effective in keeping you relaxed.

– Drinking syringes also removes bad odor coming from the mouth. Drinking Shinkaji two to three times a day provides relief in the problem of teeth and gums.

-Hajma is also better by drinking syrup. It contains lemon and salt content, it does not allow the stomach to heat up.


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