TMC Leader Kunal Ghosh Again Slams Suvendu Adhikari: Trinamool Congress on Wednesday made a sensational complaint about the convoy of opposition leader Subvendu Adhikari amidst the tension between Trinamool and BJP over the Shahid Remembrance Programme. Party spokesperson and state general secretary Kunal Ghosh said in response to a question from journalists, “I have received several complaints from various villages of Nandigram about Suvendu Adhikari’s convoy being surrounded by the central forces. Villagers have complained that a large amount of money and illegal weapons are entering Nandigram from outside in that vehicle. To stop the collapse that started in the BJP, the opposition party leader has started spreading from neighborhood to neighborhood by bringing in a lot of money from outside. The BJP leader who won the load shedding is trying to stop the workers who want to leave the party by spreading the money. Only then will it be proved how Shuvendu is running an illegal smuggling ring with the advantage of the convoy under siege by the central forces.

Apart from various party meetings and public meetings throughout the day, the Trinamool spokesperson also attended several social programs in East Medinipur. But as before, in every meeting and press conference, he pressed Shuvendu on various issues. The opposition party leader complained that “80 percent of Trinamool leaders’ speeches are about him.” The Trinamool spokesperson gave a clear response to the opposition leader’s complaint to the journalists. He said, “He should listen because 80 percent of the positions and power holders in the district have been enjoyed during his tenure at the Trinamool. I and my father and brother have eaten everything looted, so I have to listen to their gossip.”

In the morning, Trinamool spokesperson Kunal Ghosh joined the morning tea ceremony at Mukundpur market in Uttar Kanthi. Answered many common people’s questions openly. Kanthi Municipality Vice Chairman Suprakash Giri and District Trinamool General Secretary Tarun Jana were present. Then he went to Vasantiya Maktab, hoisted the flag, and Kunal delivered the speech. Then he went straight to the Redsun Club in Raghurampur, where he also had to give a speech at the request of the crowd. After that, he went to the Aldarpur market in Jhunput and held a meeting. Former Minister Jyotirmoy Kar. After returning to Kanthi, the party held several organizational meetings and reached a huge public meeting in Potashpur.Apart from Kunal, the speakers were Irrigation Minister Partha Bhowmik and Zilla Parishad President Uttam Barik. The Irrigation Minister criticized the mistakes of a section of party leaders by citing the analogy of the medical world in the meeting. Said, “If a doctor does the wrong treatment, do you exclude the entire medical community?” If not, go to another doctor for treatment. Similarly, if a Trinamool leader makes a mistake, don’t remove the entire Trinamool. The other 99 percent of workers of Mamata Banerjee’s loyal party are by your side in the fight by risking their lives.


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