The agitation of the farmers against the new agricultural law is not going to end so soon. Indian Farmers Union spokesperson Rakesh Tikait has said that we will stand on the borders of Delhi till December. Explain that hundreds of farmers have been agitating on the Delhi border since November last year. Tikait said that we are not afraid of heat, we have fans.

Regarding the violence in Delhi farmers tractor rally on 26 January, Tikait said that farmers are not afraid of the case. He said that this movement will continue till the Center withdraws these laws and the Nuni is not guaranteed to the MSP. He said that this movement will last till November-December

The government
did not misunderstand , making it clear that the government should not be under the misunderstanding that the farmers are going anywhere. Addressing a mahapanchayat of farmers, he said that the government feels that the farmers will return home in the summer. Even earlier, he thought that we will return home in the winter, but we are not going anywhere, we have installed fans there.

The government’s goal is to make the farmer a laborer.
Tikait alleged that the people who helped in the peasant movement are facing harassment of government agencies. He said that agricultural laws are not in favor of farmers. Tikait said that the next goal of the Center is to create such a situation that the farmers themselves leave their land. He said that he plans to take away your land in the next 20 years. Tikait said that the goal of the government is to convert the farmers into laborers and in this case they will get cheap laborers from the villages.


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