Tidal Rave Festival Ghana: Patrons At Tidal Rave Struggle To Exit The Beach After The Show – Watch Video

Tidal Rave Festival Ghana: Patrons At Tidal Rave Struggle To Exit The Beach After The Show – Watch Video: The Tidal Rave Beach Festival is one of the biggest and biggest beach festivals in Ghana.

According to tradition, the tidal rave is one of the keys to this movement in Ghana. The amazing show or event is organized by Echo House Ghana Limited.

In this year’s edition, Tidal Wave organizers played almost every A-List artist that night. Artists like Sarkodie, R2bees, Kidi, Black Sherif, Darkovibes, Joey B, and many others have performed.

After such an amazing event, an unexpected situation happened. Visitors to this year’s water sports festival tried their best to survive at the luxury resort, Bortianor.

He follows a broken bridge that leads down to the bottom. Uniquetrendzz.net stumbled across this post on the Instagram page of popular blogger Entamoty.

Tidal Rave Beach Festival is the biggest beach festival in Ghana. This festival is a time of youth culture in Ghana. It is full of energetic activities such as games, food markets, and music concerts. EchoHouse Ghana Limited organizes and supports this event every year.

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Tidal Rave Beach Festival 2022 was held in Ghana on Saturday, October 15, 2022.

The event was successful with spectacular performances from artists who were paid to perform. READ MORE: Black Sherif H0t as Clementina’s father, the woman he used in the group ‘Oh Paradise’ accuses him of evil – Watch the video

Big names like Sarkodie, R2bees, Joey B, Gyakie, Darko Vibes, and others took to the stage and gave patrons a night they will remember for a long time.

Despite all these successes at the festival, many customers expressed their displeasure with the way the night was handled by a sensational female musician, Black Sherif.

In a series of tweets that were shared online after the festival, some people in the media such as Entamoty Media CEO Amoaning Samuel revealed that the organizers of the show, Echo House, have not done enough to attract the artist don’t be shy.

Apparently, the ‘Second Sermon’ drummer was on stage for several minutes when he was ready to perform only because his microphone had a problem and there were several breaks in the sound.


We always work with various security agencies to ensure that Tidal Rave is a safe event for everyone.

This year, we have updated our security measures to ensure a safe celebration. We encourage all ravers to do business with security guards.

We want everyone to know these predictions before this year’s festival. Personal security

1. We advise all Ravers to go to the event site using popular or known routes, preferably from Bortianor Junction, and in groups.

2. Only ticket holders will be allowed to enter or re-enter the event grounds. Therefore, everyone should make every effort to get their tickets from the approved sources before or on the day of the event at the box office.

3. All Ravers will be screened to identify and prevent the passage of dangerous weapons to the venue. Therefore everyone is advised to work with uniformed security personnel on the day to ensure safety.

4. Activists are advised to seek instructions only from uniformed security personnel at the event grounds.

5. Ravers should try as much as possible to stay at the event before or during the show.

6. Ravers are advised not to leave the area alone. If you must, please ask the uniform security staff to guide you to the vehicle.

7. Robbers should report all safety and security issues to the Security Command Post through the nearest Uniformed Security Officers or through WhatsApp or by calling 0209967159.

8. Pickpockets should not leave their bags unattended and do not agree to look after someone else’s bags. Security measures

9. The festival will be guarded by the Military Police, the Ghana Police, and private security.

10. First responders include the Ghana Ambulance Service and the Ghana National Fire Service Paramedic Team.

11. Lifeguards will be provided during the event. However, all customers will be restricted from going to the beach after 6 pm.

12. We have created a secure central parking area where cars can be delivered. Ravers will be transported from the parking lot to the venue and vice versa.

13. Guards will be kept in good condition in and around the festival grounds.


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