Shah Rukh Khan’s last film ‘Zero’ was released on the big screen in December 2018. Since then, no Shah Rukh Khan film has been released yet. However, there is good news for his fans that soon Shah Rukh is ready to return to the big screen with the film ‘Pathan’. Shah Rukh Khan has had a long time in the cinematic world, Shah Rukh has made a big place for himself with his hard work. Shahrukh Khan’s fans are not only in the country but also abroad, who want to know more and more about the actor. So today we tell you that anecdote, when the police came to arrest Shahrukh Khan, the actor was considered his fan.

Actually, in the film Maya Memsahab, released in 1993, Shah Rukh was supposed to do a romantic scene with the film’s director’s wife. She is considered a bold film of the 90s, in which many actors including Shah Rukh Khan did bold scenes. At the same time, a magazine wrote about the film that the film’s director Ketan Mehta asked to stay with his wife (Deepa Sahi) one night so that they get to know each other and then shoot the love scene.

Shahrukh was very angry after reading this article, after which he even threatened to kill the writer by going to the magazine’s office. At the same time, while Shah Rukh Khan also mentioned this story in David Letterman’s show, he said that he was very angry with that article printed in the magazine and in anger, he called the editor of the magazine and the editor said in reply , ‘Take this article as a joke, it was a joke.’

In the show, Shah Rukh himself said that after losing his temper, he reached the office of the magazine and abused him in anger. After this, during the shooting of a film, some policemen reached his set and asked him to go with them. The funny thing here was that Shah Rukh felt that the policemen were his fans and so when he came to meet him, he invited him to sit in his car. But later he realized that he had come to arrest him on the complaint of the editor of the magazine.

Shah Rukh further added on the show, ‘Then I went with him and I saw the first cell which was made in a very small place and was very dirty. You could see feces and urine there. ‘ Please tell that Shahrukh had to spend one day in police custody and later he got bail. Shah Rukh Khan says that after being released from custody, he passed through that editor’s house.


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