Pakistan’s noted mountaineer Muhammad Ali Saadpara and two other climbers, who were missing earlier this month, were declared dead on Thursday in an attempt to conquer 2 of the world’s second highest mountain peak. ‘K2 is located in the Karakoram range of the Himalayan ranges. Its height is 8611 meters above sea level.

Gilgit-Baltistan’s tourism minister Raja Nasir Ali Khan told the media on Thursday that considering the odd seasonal conditions of K2, the rescue team and other stakeholders have come to the conclusion that Sadpara and his companions have died. The minister said, the government salutes the services of national hero Ali Sadpara. He will be honored with the civic award along with his son Sajid Saadpara. A mountaineering school by the name of Ali Sadpara will also be opened.

Ali Saadapara’s son Sajid Saadapara also left for K2 with his father, but he returned midway when his health deteriorated. Sajid said that his father had conquered 2 of the mountain ridges before falling victim to the accident.

Significantly, Pakistan took help of helicopters and even F-16 fighter jets to locate the three missing climbers, but they failed to trace them. K2 is the second highest mountain peak in the world, but climbing it is far more difficult than Mount Everest, the highest peak. No one reached this mountain peak during the winter season before the K-2 victory of the 10-member team of Nepali climbers in January this year.


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