In Ranchi, cases of theft and cheating have been steadily increasing. Recently, two criminals were shot and injured by the police officer. On Friday morning, three such criminals came by bike and looted the jewel of 20 lakhs with the help of weapons from a sonar and kept going.

According to the information received, criminals in Argora area looted jewelery worth half a kilo of gold from a jewelry merchant returning from Kolkata at around 7.30 am on Friday. The price of gold is said to be around 20 lakh rupees. Jeweler businessman Jitendra Kumar Verma arrived in Ranchi with the jewelery from Kolkata as usual. From Scooty, Harmu was returning to his home in Vidyapati Nagar. Meanwhile, the number of criminals who reached the number of three robbed gold on the middle road in front of Harmu power office of Harmu bypass road and escaped.


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