In the wake of Holi, the Delhi Traffic Police has made elaborate arrangements to ensure the safety of two-wheeler riders and plans to deploy special teams at key intersections to take action against those who violate traffic rules. Officials gave this information on Saturday.

The traffic police has appealed to the people not to break the rules and urged them to follow the guidelines of the government and do not celebrate Holi in public places.

According to the traffic police, the festival of Holi will be celebrated on Monday, so extensive traffic arrangements have been made to ensure the safety of vehicle riders on the road and stern action will be taken against those who drive drunk, stunts from two wheelers Will drive without wearing a helmet, drive dangerously or break other traffic rules.

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Joint Police Commissioner (Traffic) Meenu Chaudhary said that special teams will be deployed at important intersections and sensitive places so that those who violate traffic rules can be detected and action taken on them. He said that along with special teams of traffic police, PCR and local police teams will also be deployed on major roads and places and will detect those who drive drunk, jump red lights and break other rules. Apart from this, ‘Radar Guns’ will also be deployed to reinforce those driving at a higher speed.

Police, citing government directives in the wake of the Kovid-19 epidemic, said that public gatherings and gatherings would be held during upcoming festivals like Holi, Shab-e-Baaraat, Navratri at public places, parks, markets or religious places in Delhi Not allowed

According to Meenu Chaudhary, according to the directions of the Supreme Court Committee on Road Safety, driving drunk, jumping red light, driving dangerously and driving at higher than the speed, using mobile phones while driving But the driving license will be confiscated and suspended for a minimum period of three months.

He said that action will be taken against the owner of the vehicle if the minor is found to be driving. Similarly, action will be taken against the owner of the vehicle if he is caught driving without a license and also for doing stunts.


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