Rajinikanth walking in a car in lockdown? Chennai Corporation will investigate the matter

Tholireyi Gadichindi: Murali Mohan Is The Hero.. Rajinikanth Is The Villain!: Rajinikanth, who is receiving praise as a Tamil superstar, acted in some Telugu films during his budding days. Rajinikanth acted in a role with negative shades in Murali Mohan and Jayachitra’s ‘Tholirei Gadandi’. On 17th November 1977, ‘Tholirei Gadadi’ was released.

And this is the story of ‘Tholirei Ghadadi’ – In a village, there is a grandson named Ramesh, an old man. While studying in Patnam, he falls in love with a girl named Vasantha. He tells his grandfather that he will marry her. Govindaiah, who works as a manager with that grandfather, has a daughter named Nagini. Govindaiah’s wish is to give her to Ramesh anyway. Chittibabu, who comes to the grandfather from far away and is looking after their business affairs, finds out that Chittibabu is stealing money and removes him from his job. Ramesh comes running to the village saying that his grandfather has told him. He doesn’t even tell Vasantha.

At the same time, Vasantha loses her job. If you go in search of Ramesh, you will know that he has wandered off. Vasantha feels cheated. She accidentally comes to the village and teaches English to Govindaiah’s daughter Nagini. Grandfather wants Ramesh to marry Nagini. But Nagini falls in love with someone else. At that time, Vasantha, who was there, gave birth to Ramesh and married him. Ramesh is happy to be the wife of the woman he loves. But Vasantha, who thinks that he cheated her after marriage shows Ramesh in many ways. Chittibabu comes to Govindaiya who is crying because he has lost a lot of his property and tells him how to get the property. Thus both become united.

Chittibabu senses that there is a distance between Ramesh and Vasantha. Knowing that she is still in Ramesh’s mind because of her grandfather, Vasantha decides to have sex with him. At the same time, Chittibabu adds poison to their milk so that their first day does not pass. As the doctor arrives on time, Ramesh survives. But Govindaiah and Chittibabu talk to a contract killer to kill Ramesh anyway. But knowing the matter, the killer knows that Vasantha is his younger sister. A drama will be played and Govindaiah and Chittibabu will reveal the evil. The twist is that the bully is none other than Govindaiah’s daughter Mogudu. Finally, Govindaiah is kicked out. The story ends with everyone happy.

Murali Mohan is the hero and Jayachitra is the heroine opposite him. Satyanarayana, Allu Ramalingaiah, Mohan Babu, Mada, Sarathi, Pottiprasad, Ramaprabha, Jayamalini, and Vijayalalita acted in key roles. Rajinikanth appeared as Chittibabu in this.

Satyam composed the music for this film, while Acharya Atreya, Arudra, Dasharathi, and Sinare sang the songs. This movie is written by Ganesh Patro. Produced by M. Gopalakrishna Reddy under the banner of Srijana Combines, the film is directed by K. Y. Ramireddy. The songs like “E Tiyanani Vela…Naa Ihudanaan…”Guide is better…”, “Jabali Merisele… Ashaslu Virisele…”, “Ido Pratya… Adorakam…” was entertaining. Among these, the song “Jabali Marisele…” sung by Yesudas became popular.


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