Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 4th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with kajol coming to vishu’s p. C and says baba, i need to inform you approximately dr. Anurag and says he’s your mirrored image and loves me loads. She says even i like him loads and wishes your advantages. Pishimaa involves kajol and says i saw your award function. She says i’m proud of you. She kisses her. Amrita, ayan and others take a look at her. Pishimaa asks her to go and take relaxation. Arjun seems at kajol. Naina asks him to prevent thinking about kajol and says maa asked her to live away from this function. Anurag comes returned domestic and says marvel.

Sharmila is amazed and satisfied. Anurag holds her hand and dances together with her. Sharmila asks what’s the problem? Anurag says kajol has agreed to marry me, i’ve canceled my plan to visit us and can be with my two favored humans, one is pishimaa and different is kajol. Sharmila says she is very glad. Anurag says i can’t agree with that everything is best in my lifestyles. Kajol thinks of dr. Anurag and says i’m able to marry you. Anurag additionally thinks approximately her. She imagines anurag in her room and asks how did you return right here. He says from that facet. He realizes that it is her creativeness. Anurag asks sharmila to have goodies and says kajol may be right here as my spouse. Dida asks kajol? Are you marrying her? Anurag says you have got taken promise from me, i am marrying kajol. Priyanka tells her mom that kajol has snatched anurag from me. Her mother says you may get anurag and says if he doesn’t come to be yours, then he can’t be of someone else.

Dida says she isn’t appropriate for you and says i received’t allow you to marry her. Anurag asks if he is proper to comment on someone without knowing her. He says i will inform this with confidence that my upbringing and education has taught me, and i can differentiate what is right and wrong. He says kajol is the right woman for me, i will marry most effective kajol and now not every person else. He asks her now not to tell something in opposition to kajol. Dida blames sharmila for her bad upbringing. Sharmila says i know who is ideal for my anurag. Arundita sees kajol status on the window and says we are satisfied which you are coming to our domestic, naina. Arjun additionally says the same to make kajol jealous. Kajol doesn’t get effected and gets concerned about her desires. Anurag calls her and says my desk is all messed up in cabin.

She asks what passed off? Anurag asks what do people speak who’re in love? Kajol says even i don’t realize and says we will be herbal with our feelings, and shall be truthful. He says half of my age is over, i can’t wait greater. He says if i may want to then i can buy clothes and bangles for you, and produce pishimaa to your own home. Kajol says we will invite the guests too. Anurag says don’t worry about them and says they’ll ship them domestic transport. He asks about her favored meals and says we can order what’s excellent. Kajol says my mouth is watering talking about goodies. Just then vishu’s photograph frame falls down because of her dupatta. Kajol gets involved and tells that her happiness usually get bad sight. He says i can guard your happiness and will make sure that nobody’s bad sight falls on you. He asks what do you eat in breakfast? And so forth. Nurse comes and asks him to come for emergency. Kajol says all of the quality for surgical operation. He ends the decision and goes. Kajol hugs vishu’s p. C and sings in her room. Pishimaa comes there and asks kajol to mention, what’s the problem? Kajol says sure pishimaa. She tells that she has decided to marry dr. Anurag. Pishimaa asks absolutely and kisses her.

She says she may be very satisfied and says that man is made for you. She blesses kajol and anurag. Anurag thinks to take kajol on a pressure and thinks he shall not hurry up. He thinks to depart a message for her. Simply then he hears a few goons taking priyanka and she or he is screaming. He beats the goons and saves her. Priyanka comes to him and hugs him. Anurag asks are you k? Priyanka holds his face and hugs him once more. It turned into an act by means of priyanka. Anurag asks who were they, they had been looking to kidnap you.

Priyanka says don’t recognise. He’s taking her from there. Priyanka’s friend pays the money to the goons. Kajol tells pishimaa that she is concerned as her happiness doesn’t stay long. Pishimaa asks her to forget about the past and welcome the happiness with open arms. She says anurag will make your life better. Kajol says i recognise his goodness and love. She asks shall i inform maa? Pishimaa says supply her accurate news inside the morning and asks her to sleep and dream approximately dr. Anurag. Kajol thinks approximately his words.

Precap: priyanka and her mom come to kajol’s home. Priyanka’s mom tells chandana that kajol is destroying priyanka’s lifestyles and marrying anurag. Kajol says, it’s not like that. Anurag and priyanka are simply pals. Priyanka asks, do i appearance that desperate to you that i can fake my courting?


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