Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 3rd December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Anurag asking Kajol if she is likewise going somewhere. Kajol says how will you go? Your patients, colleagues, want you. She says did you reflect onconsideration on Abhishek uncle and pishimaa? She says what approximately NGO youngsters and Putul, they’ll be coronary heart. He says you need me to live lower back. Kajol says sure, and asks from whom he’s strolling away. They listen band sound and a pair hugging every other.

Anurag is ready to go away from there. Kajol says if now no longer for them, then live lower back for me. Anurag turns and appears at her. Kajol walks closer to him and appears at him with tears in her eyes. He receives teary eyes too. Kajol says please prevent for me. Anurag asks why I shall prevent? Kajol says I need to understand you, you’re a terrific person, I don’t need to lose you. She says I understand that I harm you and says abruptly you requested me for marriage, I became scared. She says I became betrayed badly and my coronary heart became broken.

She says I can’t accept as true with all and sundry, however is aware of which you are different. She says she wanted time in order that she don’t do the identical mistake again. She asks if he is knowing what she is making an attempt to mention. Anurag asks do you need to offer a threat to me? Kajol says I…He asks her to mention sure or no. Kajol says sure. He asks will you marry me? The human beings withinside the eating place have a take a observe them. Anurag asks will you marry me? He asks her to mention. The newly weds who dropped her right here ask her to agree.

Others additionally ask Kajol to agree. Someone offers a bouquet to Anurag. Anurag bends down on his knees. Everyone claps. Kajol asks him to arise and says anybody is watching. Anurag says I love you Kajol, I love you so much. I love your charm, your music and infact all of your attitude which makes you this person. He says best I understand, how I stayed with out you and says I wasn’t having phrases to explicit my love before. He says you want time, so take it, however on the end, promise me that you may marry me and could make me wealthy guy.

He asks will you marry me and becomes my lifepartner. A lady asks her to agree. Priyanka comes there and appears at them shockingly. Anurag asks Kajol to explicit in phrases. Kajol says sure. Anurag asks her to inform loudly. Kajol says sure, sure, sure. I will marry you….Dr. Anurag. Anurag throws the bouquet in air fortunately. Priyanka receives dissatisfied and is going farfar from there. Anurag opens his fingers wide. Kajol hugs him. Everyone claps for them.

At Vishu’s house, Chandana does the ritual and makes Arjun put on chain. Arundita tests Naina’s necklace and symptoms and symptoms Tai ji. Pishimaa seems at them and says it isn’t always costly, however it has her baba’s blessings. Arundita says it’s miles precious. She indicates the necklace added through them for her. Naina says it’s miles fantastic and takes to the air the necklace which Chandana made her put on. Chandana receives dissatisfied. Naina asks how can I refuse my could be mom in law’s gift. Chandana asks her to put on. Arundita asks if a person is coming? Pishimaa says I am anticipating Kajol, she were given bravery award too.

Priyanka comes domestic and cries infront of her mom. Her mom asks who’s accountable for your condition. Priyanka says Kajol has snatched my the whole thing from me.

Anurag and Kajol are withinside the car. Anurag says I am so satisfied which you are with me and says sorry for now no longer coming there to offer her an award. Kajol says its ok. He asks what to do to make you belief. Kajol says I accept as true with you. Anurag says once I became a kid, I used to love cola extra than lemonade. He says I idea from wherein to begin our conversation. Kajol says properly info, it is ideal which you told. He tells approximately his each day routine. He says he’s anxious and don’t understand what to mention.

He says that is taking place because of you. Kajol says why? He says I don’t understand the way to do romantic talks, and I didn’t communicate to all and sundry like this. Kajol says we will play a recreation and play a music, and says if it relates for your temper then you definitely shall inform me. Anurag says sure, and switches at the radio. Song plays….He says massive sure for this and says now it’s miles your turn. They keep to play the songs one through one. He drops her domestic.

Kajol thank you him. Anurag says while we are able to meet? He says I will anticipate your call. Kajol asks him to move domestic and inform your baba and pishimaa which you haven’t long gone to US. He asks her to expose the trophy to anybody. She asks him to move. Anurag asks him to name him Anurag and says I actually have turn out to be your patient. Kajol calls him Anurag. Anurag waves her bye. She turns and waves her hand. Anurag seems at her smilingly.

Precap: Sharmila receives amazed seeing Anurag lower back. He very fortunately says that Kajol stated sure. She is prepared to get married to me. Sharmila is likewise fortunately amazed. Dida hears it and receives shocked. She says what? Kajol? Other side, Kajol shyingly tells Pishimaa, I actually have determined to marry Dr. Anurag. Pishimaa asks, really? Dida asks Anurag, are you going to get married to that Kajol? Anurag says, Kajol is a superb lady. If I get married, then together along with her best. No one else…


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