Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 30th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Kajol telling the cash loan specialists that she will assume up this liability and will return all their cash. The cash loan specialists tell 7 lakhs, 5.5 lakhs, 8 lakhs, 3.5 lakhs. Naina says Baba has taken such a lot of advance for one marriage. The cash moneylender asks how she will reimburse the cash, as the print machine is sold and you don’t have anything to reimburse our credits. Kajol requests that they trust her and says give me some time. Rajesh comes there and sees Agarwal, Ghosh and others. He says Sir spent away couple of days back and you individuals came here, have some disgrace. Ghosh says we can’t make our business endure. Kajol requests that they give her at some point and says she will return every one of their obligations.

Agarwal requests that they sell the adornments and cash, which they are having for marriage and says sell this house as well, it is purchased with our cash. Pishimaa requests that he talk in low tone and says you are remaining in regarded individual’s home. She says you are yelling for cash, in case we are fleeing. Kajol says I resemble my Baba and will return your cash, I adhere to my words. Ghosh says you have broken your marriage and asks how might you bring cash back. Kajol says I will work in the external work to reimburse your cash. Ghosh says it will not be simple. Kajol says it will be troublesome, however I will accomplish something. They request that she give some sum tomorrow and guarantee the give the leftover, else they will drag them to the PS.

Dr. Anurag comes there and hears everything. They all leave. Kajol gets strained. Dr. Anurag thumps on the entryway and comes inside. He says Vishwanath ji’s last passing testament. I got it and thought to offer it to you. Dr. Anurag goes out and discovers the cash banks remaining there still. He expresses gratitude toward them and says did you attempt to set model at home. He requests that they handle the house for once and afterward tell. He inquires as to whether they didn’t show embarrassed to converse with a powerless young lady, her kin, mother and auntie. He says thank you for stirring them up as these vulnerable individuals brings the tempest and does the unbelievable. The cash banks leave from that point. He is going to go and hears Chandana blaming Kajol and requesting that she lose this house and adornments.

Naina asks what else you will lose now. Chandana says don’t ponder gems, I have three girls and one child, and you have broken marriage, so just they have perfect and everything. Dr. Anurag leaves from that point and has an upset outlook on her situation. He reviews the cash banks final offer to Kajol. Rajesh asks Kajol not to stress and says I will accomplish something. Kajol inquires as to whether something occurred about vehicle. He says I will go to office tomorrow and see. Kajol says even I will come to office from tomorrow. Pishimaa says you will go to office. Kajol says indeed, Baba has written in the letter that he has trust on me that I will deal with home if something happens to him. Rajesh says I will show you everything, in the event that you go to the workplace, I will think Vishu sir is with me. Kajol petitions God for her baba’s favors.

Dr. Anurag thinks it was Kajol’s terrible destin y that she met Arjun. Medical attendant says activity course of action is finished. Dr. Anurag goes to work. Arjun goes to the feasting table. Mr. Chatterjee inquires as to whether he is going to office. Arjun says yes. Arundita asks him not to fall in any arbitrary young lady’s affection once more. He says mother please. Arundita asks him not to converse with her in that tone and says how could she to smack jewel ring all over, in the event that she saw precious stone previously.

Amrita gets up. Arundita asks where is she going? Amrita says she had heard enough against Kajol. Chatterjee asks her not to fail to remember that she has chatterjee last name and says you was not there, when she offended us. Amrita says Ayaan bhaiyya was correct, no one qualities the unadulterated gold infront of precious stone’s sparkle. She says Kajol was unadulterated gold and it was our misfortune that she isn’t here.

Kajol prepares to go to the Printing press. Pishimaa causes her to have curd and sugar. Naina asks her not to lose everything subsequent to going to office. She messages Arjun. Arjun gets cheerful and answers her back. He gets Shreya’s call. Tai ji requests that he pick her call. He says hello there bhabhi and requests that she see that they are additionally eating together. Tai ji, Arundita and Chatterjee say great morning to her. Shreya says hello.

Arundita asks did you set there? Shreya says I conversed with my Papa and he requested that his branch office organize things for here. Tai ji says this house has become forlorn after you have gone and we hear the affront constantly. Shreya requests that she fail to remember everything. Arundita says after whatever dramatization occurred in Kajol’s home, I imagine that I will take treatment now. Shreya says you went to Kajol’s home once more. Chatterjee says your dear brother by marriage took us there. Arjun accepts the call and tells that he has tension from Ayaan and that is the reason took them there. He says I need to go to office and closures the call. Arundita requests that he have food.

Arjun says he would prefer not to have food and informs that until you individuals talk regarding this. Chatterjee requests that he get hitched to a pleasant young lady. Tai ji says she will look in her general public. Arjun ponders Kajol and Shreya’s words and says I am not yet prepared. Chatterjee requests that he think soon, to dispose of Kajol. Kajol goes to the Ananda Printing Press and opens the screen. She gets inside. Thoda sa badal plays… …

She reviews the introduction of the print machine and reviews Vishu making Kajol and her sisters having bhog first after the puja. She says baba, I was consistently propitious for you, however I am unpropitious and reviled for Maa. She says Maa don’t allow me to go into your room. She says I see you in everything here, in this pen, dividers, seat and towel where you used to keep your head. She requests that he invigorate her so she can deal with her kin and reimburse the obligations.

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