Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 30th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Kajol in search of Vishu’s benefits earlier than going to the award characteristic. Pishimaa comes there and offers her saree to put on. Naina comes there and snatches the saree from Kajol. She says she has to put on exceptional garments for her features. Pishimaa says however. Kajol says you could put on this saree, however you need to put on the jewelry decided on through Maa. Naina says ok. Pishimaa says how are you going to do this? Kajol says Maa’s coronary heart may be stored and Baba’s benefits. Pishimaa says she shall get a terrific lifepartner, who’s lovable as her, who helps her continually and stand through her, who loves you and desires to marry you together along with his coronary heart. Kajol thinks of Anurag. Anurag appears at Kajol’s saree and thinks he desires to circulate on however his beyond is dragging him. He thinks he is making an attempt to move a ways from her, however she is coming towards him. He thinks can be future wishes us to fulfill once more and thinks don’t realize how I will endure rejection once more. Kajol thinks what’s taking place with me. Pishimaa says I will include you. Kajol asks her to wait Naina’s marriage features and says you’re head of the own circle of relatives after Baba went and Naina desires your benefits the most. Pishimaa says ok. And says my coronary heart may be with you.

Dida tells Anurag that she were given puja completed for him. Sharmial comes there and makes him devour curd and sugar. He hugs her. Dida tells Anurag that she can be able to come to drop him on the airport. Anurag says I don’t need to be emotional, I will move directly. Sharmila thinks he may visit award characteristic and asks Dida to allow him move. Anurag leaves.

Chandana comes and says she can be able to do her tika. She does her tika and aarti. Kajol blesses her. Naina receives disenchanted and says Kajol di isn’t always going to the conflict field. She takes chandana together along with her to choose the sarees. Pishimaa asks Kajol to speak properly with Anurag. Kajol thinks to express regret to Anurag. Anurag thinks can be you’re wondering that I am going to award characteristic, however I am now no longer going there, and may waft in feelings seeing her. Pishimaa calls every body and says Kajol’s characteristic is Live. Apu switches at the TV and unearths the channel now no longer coming. Naina recollects bribing the cable operator to replace the channel till the award characteristic is live. She thinks Kajol steals her limelight.

The media/reporter asks Kajol if she didn’t get scared at the same time as saving the woman. The woman meets Kajol. The woman’s mother and father reward Kajol for saving their daughter. Kajol says the whole lot is completed through Maa durga. Sharmila comes there and says Anurag is likewise like her. Anurag thinks it is ideal that he were given the tickets booked for six pm. Kajol sits at the chair and appears for Anurag. Sharmila asks her now no longer to look him and says he goes, and has the flight to capture today. Anurag imagines Kajol at the road, as his vehicle stopped on the signal. He wonders what’s taking place with him.

Pishimaa says Kajol’s characteristic is ready to begin and we couldn’t see. Naina says even TV don’t need you all to waste time to observe the award characteristic. She is going. Apu says Naina di will now no longer allow us to watch the programme and asks them to come. Anurag additionally watches the award characteristic from his vehicle. Apu, Anu, Chandrika and Pishimaa are withinside the bathroom, to observe the award rite on their mobile. Naina calls Apu. Apu is going out and asks if he has completed preparations to welcome Anurag and his own circle of relatives. Apu says the whole lot may be completed. Sharmila calls Anurag, however he doesn’t select the award.

Kajol is referred to as on level to honor with the award. Dida calls Priyanka and asks in which are you? She says we can visit airport to drop Anurag. Priyanka says she got here to realize from agent that Anurag has preponed his flight and goes early. She says she goes alone. Dida appreciates her. Kajol is going to the level. Sharmila says your Kajol is watching for you. Anurag thinks if he is going there, then can’t move leaving her. Anurah is referred to as on level to offer the award. The membership member is going to test why Anurag haven’t come. The human beings gossip that the leader visitor haven’t come. Anurag asks motive force to take U turn.

Precap may be delivered later.


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