Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 27th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Kajol asking Anurag to prevent the car. He says your property is a long way from here, and asks will you stroll until there alone. Kajol says yes, after the newspaper news, if all people sees you with me then gets danger to talk approximately us. Anurag says good enough I will drop you until the lane, and says see you the following day. Kajol says Dr. Anurag, I am awkward approximately the puja, and says it’s miles in NGO, however I am now no longer your own circle of relatives member. He asks what you need to say? Kajol says I don’t need to dissatisfied all people,

Dr. Priyanka. She says I suppose she didn’t experience desirable and says if she needs then she will be able to assist in puja. Anurag laughs and says I recognize her, she don’t recognize approximately it. Kajol says in case you are sure, and asks him to inform if he feels it’s miles awkward for her to move there. Anurag asks what do you need to say? Chandana says what do you need me to move, then I shall cross there alone, so they suppose that Naina has misplaced her own circle of relatives too together with her baba. Naina says you all are partial and is going out.

Kajol says I strongly experience that Dr. Priyanka isn’t glad to look me doing preparations and says I don’t need any trouble to manifest for your courting with her. Anurag says what courting, and tells that they’re simply friends. Kajol says I experience that she don’t like my involvement. Anurag says I need to inform you honestly and says Durga Puja changed into my mom’s favourite competition and Pishimaa desires to make it special. He says in case you need to assist her, then do it as you experience. She says you need to rejoice it to your mom and I need to do it for my father. She says I will come withinside the morning to fulfill your Pishimaa. He thank you her and is strolling in the direction of his car. Kajol additionally walks in the direction of her residence. Her dupatta receives caught in the road mild pillar. He comes close to her and frees her dupatta.

She appears at him. He frees her dupatta and walks in the direction of his car. Kajol appears at him and smiles. He additionally appears at her and waves his hand. Kajol turns and don’t study him again. Anurag sits in his car. Pishimaa says the residence can’t be preserve vacant on puja day, and says Lekha and Shyam will go along with you,

and I will live with youngsters at domestic. Kajol thinks to inform absolutely each person approximately supporting Anurag’s pishimaa in NGO puja work. Chandana says you’re dissatisfied approximately Arjun and Naina’s marriage and that’s why making excuses. Kajol comes domestic. Chandana sees her and says this alliance will manifest, and tells Pishimaa it will likely be desirable in case you bless them. She says I will cease your trouble and says Kajol will live at domestic the following day and we can cross at 1:30 pm.

Kajol attempts to speak to her, however Chandana is going from there. Pishimaa involves Kajol and feels bad. Naina smiles seeing Kajol. Kajol calls Rajesh and tells him that she will be able to’t come to workplace the following day, however will do all coordination with customers on phone. She thinks to visit Anurag’s domestic withinside the morning, and could purchase puja stuff together with Sharmila Pishimaa, and could go back domestic with the aid of using 1 am. She talks to Vishu’s % and says I attempted to keep Naina, now I simply pray that God shall provide a few intelligence to her, in order that she will be able to see his truth. Next day, Naina asks her siblings to get equipped well.

Kajol is set to move. Naina thinks Maa desired her to live at domestic. Kajol thinks to speak to Chandana, however simply then Chandana receives a name from Arundita. She says we will go away at once and shall attain there with the aid of using eleven am. Kajol asks whilst you all will go back, as I actually have critical work. She says I idea to complete my work. Chandana asks her to live at domestic and says I don’t recognize whilst we can go back. She asks if whatever is critical than your sister’s marriage. Sharmila tells Anurag that Kajol will come and do the preparations. Anurag says I changed into questioning to drop you both. Sharmila says don’t hassle yourself, we need to visit two-3 places. He says I will take you for purchasing too. Sharmila asks if he’s fine. Anurag asks her now no longer to magnify the problem and says in case you don’t need then I will now no longer come. Sharmila agrees. Anurag thinks Kajol gets a few peace because of Devimaa.

Chandana and her own circle of relatives are at Arjun’s residence. Pandit ji tells the mahurat, on twenty fifth oct and fifteenth Nov. Arundita says one is after Diwali and different is after Durga Puja. Arjun asks we will preserve the wedding after Durga Puja. Arundita says allow elders decide. Chandana asks Pishimaa. Pishimaa says we want time for preparations, however as you say. Shyam says Didi is right. Kaushik says we will preserve the wedding easy and don’t have any demand. Pishimaa says you had advised this closing time too, however. Chandana stops her and says the wedding date will be constant after Durga Puja. Arundita makes Naina put on gold bangles and says your daughter is ours now. Arjun thinks he’s strolling in the direction of Kajol in her destruction. Arundita congrats Naina and Arjun. Naina and Arjun make every different have sweets. Shreya comes there and sees Naina and Arjun protecting hands. She calls Arjun. Tai ji says Shreya bahu. Arjun leaves Naina’s hand seeing Shreya.

Kajol thinks the way to refuse Anurag, even NGO youngsters is probably watching for me. She thinks to tell Sharmila and thinks she can be able to recognize me. Anurag is sitting there, however doesn’t see the name. Kajol thinks to message Anurag, and thinks he’s going to get indignant analyzing the message.

Shreya asks what’s occurring here, and what they’re doing here? Arundita says badi bahu. Shreya says so that you changed into busy on this count and that’s why hiding this factor from me. He says Kajol has insulted you all, and also you have become married to her sister now. Ayaan asks if Kajol gave her consent. Arjun says why Kajol’s consent is needed, Naina and I like every different. Shreya says first Kajol and now Naina, it is simple so that it will alternate your love.

Sharmila tells Anurag that they’ll purchase a saree for Kajol too. He says red shadeation will in shape her well. He then says it’s miles suiting you. Sharmila says we will select out her from the way. Anurag says we will anticipate her to come.

Precap might be introduced later.


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