Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 27th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Priyanka hears Anurag telling a person over the telecellsmartphone to set up his visa for USA. She is going to speak to him. He says he were given a suggestion from a USA health center, so he idea to spend a while there. She asks what’s going to manifest to me? He asks meaning? She says, you may go away your friend? Your home, your health center. I joined this health center for you. We were collectively for the reason that college. We were operating collectively. He says, I don’t have time. She holds his hand and asks who will manipulate this health center? He movements her hand and says, not anything stops due to one person. People discover ways to stay even with out their near ones. Everything might be managed. He walks out and says, I am certain Kajol will manipulate as well. I wasn’t a part of her existence anyway. Once I assist her together along with her debt, then I can go away peacefully. Priyanka says, I understand you’re leaving due to Kajol. I don’t understand what magic she has accomplished on you. She wonders the way to forestall him.

Dida says, I ought to forestall Anurag and I understand who can do that. Priyanka gets a name from Dida who asks her to meet.

Kajol prays on the temple. Sharmila comes there as well. She says to the God, in case you didn’t need this alliance, then why did you carry Kajol in Anurag’s existence? Anurag instructed me now no longer to speak to Kajol. If I don’t communicate to her, then he’s going to go away for USA. What will I say to Anjali Bhabhi? Please display me a path. She receives dizzy and faints. Kajol is going to assist her. Sharmila thinks this a signal through the God. She hopes Kajol listens to her and forestalls Anurag. Kajol asks her to drink water. Sharmila says on one condition. Kajol guarantees her.

Dida asks Priyanka, you already know approximately Anurag going to USA, right? Priyanka says, yes. Dida asks what are you doing approximately it then? It’s simplest you who can forestall him. I can see love for him on your eyes. Other side, Sharmila says the identical to Kajol. Priyanka tells Dida if he has decided, then I can’t forestall him. Kajol receives greatly surprised and asks Sharmila, why is he going? Sharmila says, you don’t understand? Kajol pauses. Sharmila says his coronary heart is broken. I actually have visible him satisfied simplest with you. Now he’s going for walks away. Please forestall him for my sake. Kajol tells her now no longer to stress, it’s now no longer exact to your health. She asks Sharmila to head home. Sharmila says, I won’t cross till you compromise to forestall him. Kajol says, I will forestall him. Sharmila hugs her. Kajol thinks, I made a promise, however how will I forestall Anurag? With what right?

Priyanka tells Dida that Anurag could be very harmless and Kajol took benefit of that. She broke Anurag’s coronary heart and this is why he’s leaving this place. If Anurag remains farfar from Kajol, then simplest he might be capable of overlook her. I got here right here to spend time with Anurag simplest, however we will’t do some thing in opposition to destiny. I suppose we must go away him on my own for a while. I also can visit USA and we will begin our existence there. Dida says, you’re an appropriate lady for Anurag. Which lady can think about leaving the entirety and transferring to USA? Priyanka tells her to allow Anurag cross then and inform Sharmila now no longer to forestall him. Dida concurs and says, I don’t like that lady at all.

Anurag receives amazed seeing Kajol in his health center. He thinks she may have forgiven him and receives satisfied. He is going to her, however it’s a person else. He says, I don’t understand what recreation my thoughts and coronary heart are gambling with me. Why am I seeing goals whilst there may be no hope. Kajol thinks, I rudely rejected the idea from a pleasant guy. I can at the least inform him why I rejected his idea.

Dida makes Priyanka put on a bangle and says, take this as a shagun. I will make certain Anurag receives married to you. Keep a watch on him and cope with him.

Anurag asks a group of workers whether or not there has been any name for him. The group of workers says no. He leaves. Just then Kajol enters and asks for Dr. Anurag. He turns to look, however a person blocks his way. He thinks now I began out listening to her voice too. Why could she come right here? I am going crazy. He leaves. Priyanka comes and sees Kajol. She wonders what Kajol is doing there. Is she right here to do the patch up? If she meets Anurag, then my engagement lie will come out. I can’t allow her meet him till he departs for USA.

Sharmila receives satisfied questioning Kajol ought to have reached to the health center through now. She will forestall Anurag and who is aware of she might also additionally be given his idea this time. Dida involves her and says, Anurag is leaving the metropolis and you’re making pakoras? Sharmila says, I am attempting my first-rate to forestall him. Dida tells her no need. Anurag’s happiness subjects the most. If he’s satisfied that way, then allow it be.

Kajol asks the receptionist for Anurag. Priyanka calls the receptionist and tells her now no longer to allow Kajol come in. The receptionist tells Kajol that he’s doing a surgical procedure and asks her to wait. Kajol waits, however she is getting overdue for the office. In end, she leaves telling the receptionist to allow Anurag understand that she got here. Priyanka comes after Kajol leaves. She tells the receptionist that Kajol is a massive nuisance and Anurag doesn’t like her at all. If she comes again, then don’t allow her meet him. Anurag additionally irritates through her, so don’t tell him that she had come right here. Priyanka turns and reveals Kajol status there.

Precap: Kajol reveals Anurag’s diary and her image from inside. She recollects Sharmila’s phrases that Anurag goes to USA due to the fact his coronary heart is broken. Anurag comes going for walks announcing that is my diary. She asks, how are you going to go away the entirety and cross away? Everyone wishes you right here. What’s there that’s now no longer right here? He asks, you need me to live lower back for them? He begins offevolved walking. She says, if now no longer for them, then live lower back for me. He seems at her with a amazed face.


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