Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 26th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Kajol dismissing Arjun’s call and thinks about Shreya’s words. She gets suspicious on Shreya-Arjun’s relationship, reviews Shreya making her alcoholic, offending her not long before the wedding. She thinks Arjun is a treachery. Shreya goes to Arjun’s room. Arjun requests that she leave. Shreya says I love you a ton. Arjun says Ayaan bhaiyya is after you and requests that she go. Shreya inquires as to whether he came in a way that would sound natural to Ayaan and inquired as to whether he adores Kajol and thinking to return to her, persuade and wed her. She says you will not check out her, for your dignity. She says I will go there for certain days, yet I will return for you. Arjun says alright, and says he don’t need any dramatization. Shreya asks Arjun not to wed Kajol or some other young lady and says this is a sign, we need to remain together. Arjun guarantees her and requests that she go. Shreya says I will come soon, sit tight for me. Arjun says goodnight.

Kajol considers Dr. Anurag educating Vishu regarding his breaking down wellbeing. She reviews Rajesh’s words that Vishu took advance, and afterward sold the print machine. She requests that Rajesh sell the vehicle at the most punctual. Naina says Baba’s last customs is done and you need to sell the vehicle for cash. Kajol says I would prefer not to check out the vehicle, which grabbed my baba from me. She requests that Rajesh search the purchaser and inquires as to whether they can save the print machine by selling the vehicle. He says on the off chance that we get great purchaser? Kajol requests that he sell it.

Shreya and Ayaan prepare to go to Rajasthan. Shreya says I will miss everybody. Arundita requests that Ayaan send Shreya to them. Ayaan says in the event that you miss her and me, can come, it is only two hours departure from here. He requests that Arjun go to Kajol and support her, as she has become forlorn. Arjun thinks Ayaan bhaiyya is correct, I will persuade Mom and Dad and take them to Kajol’s home.

Kajol comes to Chandana and requests that she have tea. Chandana tosses the tea cup. Kajol picks the messed up cup and goes from that point. She goes to Vishu’s room and thinks about her baba’s words. Chandana comes there and grabs Vishu’s kurta from her hand. She asks what are you doing here? Kajol says Pandit ji said that we need to give baba’s garments for a noble cause. Chandana says I will choose and requests that she go. Pishimaa asks until when this thing will go on. Shyam says we need to relax. Apu says Arjun and his family came here.

Arjun and his family meet Kajol’s family. Arjun says we were unable to sit at home. He says I thought the marriage is delayed and not dropped. Chatterjee says I never requested that he give the vehicle. He just called me once to think about the vehicle tone, and tells that he never revealed to me that he can’t bear the cost of it. He says Kajol would have advised us. Tai ji says we came here, as Arjun and Kajol love one another, however you individuals are not of our status. Arjun says we have numerous vehicles in our carport and don’t need any. Naina discloses to Apu that Didi more likely than not compressed baba. Chatterjee says Kajol has offended Arjun and afterward additionally we have failed to remember everything and solicitations them to fail to remember everything. Arjun asks would i be able to meet Kajol. Kajol hears them and comes there. Arjun inquires as to whether their adoration was little to such an extent that she questioned him. Kajol says he gets the smell of connivance. Arjun says I won’t go until our marriage is fixed. Kajol inquires as to whether he knows the importance of marriage. Chatterjee says Kajol is as yet in injury, and requests that they choose. Arundita says it was Mukherjee’s fantasy to see her settled with Arjun, and we are likewise prepared to get this for his tranquility. Pishimaa says they can choose after his seventh day, as glad choices are not taken during grieving. Arundita requests that Arjun and Kajol proceed to talk. Kajol says anything I desire to say, I need to say infront of everybody. Arjun says we can talk later, and asks Kajol not to say anything, I am with you generally. Kajol asks with what correct? She says I would prefer not to see your face, you are my baba’s killer, yet additionally a double-crossing. Chatterjee asks what your little girl is saying gibberish? Chandana requests that she stop her dramatization. Kajol says they are doing show and says you don’t have a clue how is Arjun? She says Arjun has broken the establishment of our relationship. She says I overlooked your and bhabhi’s relationship till everything and says you misled me a few times. She says you went on date with Bhabhi, facilitated with her garments during sangeet, she picked your call late in night, and says I remember everything, except excused you. She says you need to wed a straightforward and great young lady infront of society, yet you are really intrigued by your sibling’s better half. Arundita asks Kajol not to drag Shreya in this matter. Tai ji admonishes her. Chatterjee says we have name and regard in the general public. Kajol says you didn’t see such stuff. Arjun says you are saying as much. Kajol says the connection which is broken can never be fine. She returns the wedding band and requests that he leave. Chatterjee discloses to Arjun that they have come here, yet this young lady has cut our nose. He says not any longer and goes from that point. Naina apologizes to Arjun for Kajol’s benefit. Arjun figures I will break your sense of self, Kajol.

Precap: Kajol sees Anjali’s pic in Dr. Anurag’s home. Sharmila asks do you know her? Kajol says Anjali Maam is my #1 Music educator in school and I was her number one understudy, and she used to say that I am her appearance. Dr. Anurag hears her..


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