Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 26th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Sharmila seeing Anjali’s video of Durga Prasad and tells Servant that she needs comparable decoration. She sees Anurag coming and asks if he gave her message to Kajol. He asks if he met Kajol. She says I can’t accept as true with you and asks did you scold her again? She says I have to have known as her. Anurag says she has not anything to do with us, she don’t need to get contain in any celebration. Sharmila says I need her assist. Anurag says if there may be Kajol best for assist and says if we deliver cash then all people will come. Sharmila says what are you pronouncing Anurag? Kajol comes there and hears them. Sharmila sees her and says I had instructed him that Kajol will come surely. Kajol says I didn’t recognise which you have known as me for assist, and that’s why I got here to express regret to you. Sharmila asks her to return back inner and asks why she is apologizing? Anurag appears at Kajol. Sharmila asks what you’ll drink? She asks Anurag to invite Servant to carry snacks. Anurag says adequate, I will ask him to get bloodless drink too. He calls Baludaa. Baludaa says I heard. I will carry.

Shreya tells Ayaan that Arundita isn’t selecting the call. Tai ji diverts her, and Papa is hiding some thing from her. Ayaan asks her to name her dewar. Shreya says he’s in exclusive global and has end up devdas. Ayaan says I recognise my brother well, he is probably trapping an harmless trap, however he’s going to now no longer get knowledge and taken care of woman like Kajol.

Arjun and Naina are withinside the restaurant. He is set to kiss her hand. She is going to him and kiss on his cheeks. He asks why did you prevent me then? Naina says I am now no longer fearful of kissing and now no longer scared to get my rights. She says I will now no longer proportion you with all people. She says I actually have doubt for your relation together along with your bhabhi and says I am now no longer silly like Kajol. Shreya says Papa known as you and stated that he needs to speak to you. Ayaan says he needs me to go back to Kolkata and needs me to land up right here. Shreya says shall I begin packing and says I am lacking the a laugh. He asks lacking a laugh or Arjun.

Sharmila tells Kajol that she desired her assist to have fun Durga Puja at NGO. She says youngsters were given satisfied once they got here to recognise approximately the Durga puja there, and says they were given greater satisfied while they arrive to recognise which you are coming there with me. Kajol is set to refuse. Sharmila asks if she is aware of a way to do arrangements. Kajol says I recognise, and says it turned into Baba’s preferred festival, and he used to invite me to return back to carry the idol etc. Sharmila says no person can assist me aside from you. Anurag appears at her and thinks Kajol shall now no longer refuse. Priyanka comes there and sees Anurag searching at Kajol. Sharmila says we are able to get the idol collectively. Kajol says I will come right here after workplace and could take you to the place, from in which Baba used to take idol. Anurag appears at Kajol secretly.

Naina tells Arjun that she has doubt on Bhabhi and him and says no person shall come among us, and says I actually have one situation for marriage. Ayaan tells Shreya if he sees something incorrect among Arjun and her, then he’s going to take a decision, then she will go back to her residence and might make khichdi with whoever she needs. Shreya says you continually threaten me, what to do so you consider me. Ayaan says I am trusting you for ultimate time, and after this, I will now no longer consider you. Shreya guarantees him that she won’t deliver him a risk to complain. He says I wish so. Shreya says while we will depart? Ayaan says in 1-2 days. Shreya says we will marvel the own circle of relatives members. Ayaan says as you wish. He is going. Shreya thinks they may get surprise and I will recognise what’s going on at the back of my back, thinks what Arjun is hiding from her.

Arjun tells Naina that he has not anything with Bhabhi, they’re of equal age and is aware of every different well. Naina indicates the prenuptial settlement and says she needs confirmation. Arjun reads that he shall promise that he’s going to now no longer cheat her, now no longer have any affair else she can be able to sue him. He refuses to signal. Naina says Shreya bhabhi is probably your high-quality buddy, however now she has to clean the place. She asks him to signal in order that she will get clean. He symptoms and symptoms at the settlement and thinks he can do something to take revenge on Kajol. He asks if she is satisfied. Naina says ofcourse.

Priyanka tells Sharmila that she has forgotten a few stuff right here. Sharmila says I will carry. Priyanka introduces herself as Anurag’s buddy to Kajol. She is going to Anurag and says we used to look at collectively in college, and are unique friends. She says you’re fortunate to get a risk to spend puja with Anurag and his own circle of relatives. She says aunty instructed me that your baba, so that you couldn’t have fun puja at home, its adequate in case you have fun right here. Anurag says Priyanka and attempts to prevent her. Kajol says its adequate Dr. Anurag and says she is pronouncing right, and says my baba used to mention that it isn’t simply celebration, however a risk and duty to do devimaa’s devotion and the human beings are fortunate who get this risk of devotion. She says that is my Anjali Ma’am puja and a massive duty for me. Sharmila comes there and asks her to vow that she can be able to assist her withinside the arrangements. Kajol says adequate and promise her. Sharmila says we are able to carry the idol first. Priyanka says I shall depart and asks Anurag approximately his night time shift today. Anurag says no. Sharmila asks Kajol to have meals and says Anurag will drop her. Kajol says no, I will go. Sharmila says he’s going to drop you. Anurag says adequate. Kajol begins offevolved taking walks out with him.

Chandana talks to Arundita and says Kajol will now no longer attend any function, and says the wedding date will be constant soon. Naina hears and receives satisfied. Chandana tells Vishu that she can be able to satisfy her duty and could get Naina married soon. She says Kajol has disappointed you, however now no longer me. Anurag and Kajol are at the manner withinside the car. He thinks to mention some thing and asks if she desires to listen the song. Kajol smiles. He says climate is good, even withinside the car. She thinks she can be able to now no longer say something, as no person can recognize silence. Anurag thinks he can perform on patient’s heart, however can’t specific his feelings.

Chandana asks absolutely each person to get satisfied, as Naina’s marriage date is getting constant. Shyam says we will rethink, Kajol had stated that his own circle of relatives isn’t good. Naina says if will consider Kajol best and now no longer her happiness. Chandana says she has determined and he or she needs their support. She says she has different kids duties too. Anurag tells Kajol that she is lovely, as Pishimaa instructed him and additionally the NGO Kids. He says Maa used to maintain the track opposition in youngsters, and he or she used to end up like youngsters amongst them. Kajol sees him smilingly and thinks he isn’t bad.

The episode ends.

Precap: Badi Maa tells Aarav that he’ll need to opposite all of the vows that he made for the duration of his marriage with Simar. Pandit will recite all of the vows one at a time and Aarav and Simar will damage the ones vows.


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