Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 26th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

No new episode tonight due to

an hour episode of Nima Denzongpa.

Next episode of Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani will come on Friday, 26th November.

In next episode: Kajol asks a nurse for Anurag. Anurag hears her voice and thinks, only this was left – hear her voice. Kajol is there for real. She tells the nurse to pass her message to Anurag. After she leaves, Priyanka comes to the nurse and says, Dr. Anurag doesn’t like her, don’t let her meet him. She turns and finds Kajol standing there only.


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