Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 25th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anurag is in his vehicle with Priyanka. Priyanka says, you appearance disappointed. Did whatever occur? He says, I am quality. She tells him now no longer to worry. Everything might be quality. I am your friend. Please consider me. Don’t permit your coronary heart take mind’s choices. I understand you Anurag. You have to have proposed Kajol out of sympathy. You can’t take such large choices with the aid of using getting emotional. If you desired to assist her, you may have achieved a charity to her, however marriage is simply too a whole lot. You can’t ruin your lifestyles to store her. How a whole lot do you even understand her? She simply met you. He stops the auto and says, a few family members may be old, however nonetheless experience like atypical and a few family members join you for lives in only one meeting. I experience like that with Kajol. I am now no longer a idiot that I will determine to marry a person to assist that person. I don’t need to grow to be Kajol’s assist, however her lifestyles partner. She is self-enough that she doesn’t want anyone’s charity or money. She can deal with herself. The fact is, she may not want me, however I want her. Priyanka receives quiet.

Kajol is in her room. Pishimaa involves her. Pishimaa asks, did you suspect whatever approximately Dr. Anurag’s rishta? Kajol says, my solution remains no. Pishimaa says, you’re ignoring your coronary heart’s voice. Kajol says, I am tired. I don’t need to speak approximately this topic. Pishimaa tells her to rest. She makes her sleep. Kajol thinks why I am now no longer feeling true after I have made up my mind.

Anurag has dropped Priyanka and is by myself now. He wonders why Kajol didn’t come to NGO. He thinks of calling her and pronouncing sorry. He is pressured whether or not to inform her to overlook the entirety and be friends. Or inform her to simply accept his love and that he isn’t always capable of stay with out her. He says, I can’t take you out of my mind. I see you with closed eyes, I see you with open eyes. I think about speakme to you, however worry which you may pass farfar from me. I don’t understand what to do. I am going crazy.

Kajol is on a road. She is speeding to her domestic pronouncing anyone have to be tensed. A few guys maintain her manner and misbehave with her. Anurag comes and beats up the guys. They run away. Kajol receives dizzy and is set to fall whilst Anurag catches her in his arms. He says, I am here. I won’t permit whatever occur to you. They hug. He says, you don’t want to cry. I am usually with you. I will in no way depart you by myself. He caresses her face and is going to kiss on lips. It seems to be Kajol’s dream. She wakes up and wonders what her coronary heart is making an attempt to inform her. Anurag falls asleep in his vehicle.

Next day, Anurag’s own circle of relatives wonders wherein he went. Just then Anurag enters. Sharmila asks him wherein he become complete night. Dida asks if he’s okay. Anurag says, I am okay. I felt sleepy whilst driving, so slept. Sharmila says, in center of a road? have you ever long past mad? He says, yes, I even have long past mad. This town and town’s human beings have made me mental. I even have determined to depart this town. Sharmila asks him, did you speak to her? He says, I don’t need to speak to anyone. Please don’t take anyone’s name. I even have determined to depart the town and hold as a whole lot distance as possible. Not simply town, I need to depart India. Dida says, I won’t allow you to pass. I am elder and you may do what I say. Anurag says, please don’t forestall me. He leaves. Dida wonders what has occurred to him.

Anurag lies down in his mattress and thinks approximately Kajol. Dida is getting restless. She asks Sharmila what’s going on. Sharmila says, I don’t understand either. You relax. I will pass and speak to him.

Sharmila involves Anurag’s room and asks him to open the door. He opens it. Sharmila says, I understand Kajol is the reason. Won’t you speak in your Pishimaa? He says, I even have determined that I am going and I don’t need to speak in this topic. I don’t have strength. Sharmila says, permit me speak to Kajol once. She is knowing female, she can be able to apprehend me. He says, she took a choice and I took a choice. I don’t need to make funny story out of me with the aid of using speakme again. She says, you’re speeding too a whole lot. It takes years to construct a relation and seconds to ruin it. He says, I understand you’re disappointed with my choice, however you’ll be quality after a few time. Please don’t forestall me. She says, you won’t clear up the hassle with the aid of using going away. You are simply going for walks away. He says, first time I cherished a female and also you noticed the outcome. I lost. I ought to have managed my emotions. I made a large mistake with the aid of using falling in love. She requests him to permit her speak to Kajol, however he says no.

Anurag is in shower. He remains considering Kajol. Other side, Kajol recollects her final night’s dream approximately Anurag. She asks herself, why am I getting atypical desires after I have determined now no longer to hold any dating with Dr. Anurag. Pishimaa involves her and why her face is down. Kajol says, perhaps due to the fact I couldn’t sleep well final night. Pishimaa says, these days is Ekadasi/auspicious day and tells her to visit temple. She will experience better. Anurag says, I will deal with this situation. I won’t permit my coronary heart rule my mind.

Precap might be brought later.


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