Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 23th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pishimaa asks Kajol what do you consider Dr. Anurag? Kajol says, he’s a completely fine person. You can blindly accept as true with him. He thinks a lot approximately others. I may be fortunate if I turn out to be his lifestyles partner. But he belongs to a person else and it’d be incorrect for me to assume like that. Pishimaa says, he might now no longer have proposed you with out thinking. It’s feasible that he isn’t in a extreme courting like you’re thinking. Just don’t forget that everybody desires a lifestyles partner. No you may recognize that higher than me. If a person like Dr. Anurag is offering himself, then you definitely shouldn’t reject such suggestion. Kajol says, there may be already an excessive amount of noise in my lifestyles. I want peace. Pishimaa says, ask your coronary heart as soon as approximately Anurag and concentrate in your coronary heart. Your coronary heart will say the fact. The fact from that you are strolling away today.

Anurag is strolling on a road, considering Kajol. Kajol additionally thinks approximately Anurag and remembers his suggestion. Anurag sleeps on grass. He seems on the moon and asks, what become my mistake, mom? Was it my mistake that I desired to present a call to my and Kajol’s courting? Was it my mistake to recommend Kajol in the front of every body? You realize my emotions for her. Why is she now no longer capable of realise my emotions? I harm her for no motive.

Kajol receives a shop the date message from Priyanka. Kajol thinks their engagement were given fixed? Kajol now gets a name from Priyanka pronouncing she isn’t capable of sleep due to the fact her engagement is so close. Kajol says congrats. Priyanka says, you’ve got got a press, right? Will you print shop the date cards? Kajol nods yes. After the name, Kajol cries.

Anurag talks to his mother’s photo pronouncing first time he proposed any woman and the woman rejected. He wonders whether or not Kajol by no means noticed in his eyes that he loves her. He says that she can’t be heartless.

Kajol cries and says, marriage isn’t a game. How did you recommend me so impulsively? Anurag receives a name that there may be a few trouble in a surgical operation. They alerted a affected person earlier than surgical operation that it’s going to be a vital surgical operation and it’s feasible that he won’t be capable of make it. Anurag scolds him that there may be manner and time to address patients. He asks him to put off the surgical operation and shift the affected person to ICU. He says they have got taken doctor’s degree, however have failed in fundamental human psychology. He then realizes what he did and asks himself, what you did. You placed marriage suggestion in the front of Kajol at a incorrect time and in the front of every body. It’s apparent that she might react such manner. You didn’t even supply her time to realize your emotions. He asks himself how can I do one of these massive mistake? She is already going thru a lot. He needs to get a danger to speak to her, so he can clean the entirety to her. He makes a decision to name her, however then thinks that matters ought to worsen with the aid of using calling. He then thinks of telling Pishimaa to speak to her, however is confused. He says why I don’t realize a way to react in such situations. He googles “how to mention sorry”. He likes sending a sorry card idea.

Other aspect, Kajol says that I don’t like simplest one issue that all and sundry feels sorry for me. My father won’t be with me today, my own circle of relatives may have ditched me, however I don’t need all and sundry’s love in a sympathy.

Next day, Kajol is in kitchen. Chandana comes and asks how tons problem you’re going to present us? You can’t see our pain. Kajol asks what did I do? Chandana says, you refused Dr. Anurag’s suggestion.

Anurag is hopeful that Kajol accepts her sorry card. Sharmila comes and says fine smell. Is it your love’s smell? Or perfume? Anurag says what are you pronouncing? She says you simplest stated which you proposed Kajol yesterday. She may have stated no, however at the least, you expressed your emotions. I realize thoroughly which you can’t specific your self nicely. I am positive you didn’t pick out the rights phrases yesterday. She ought to are becoming afraid too. I will visit her domestic and communicate to her and her own circle of relatives. He says, I realize my suggestion wasn’t completed the great manner. But I didn’t realize what to do in that situation. He says, I made mistake and I will rectify it.

Kajol asks Chandana why are you upset? Chandana says, like each time, you made a mistake again. The man with whom every body is becoming a member of your call, proposed you and also you rejected his suggestion? What might be higher answer than your marriage with him? What’s occurring to your thoughts? Kajol thinks how to inform you that Anurag already has a person else in his lifestyles. He likes a person else. She tells Chandana which you need me to marry him simply to shop myself from insult and shop my image? Is this motive sufficient for a marriage? Chandana says can be now no longer. But have a take a observe different matters too. He’s from a terrific own circle of relatives, he’s clever and nicely settled. Shut every body up. Get rid off our doubts. Once you go away from this house, then simplest there may be peace on this house.

Anurag tells Sharmila that Kajol thinks I need to marry her to unfastened her from her own circle of relatives, however I need to satisfy her and inform her the fact that I… She asks move on. He takes promise from her now no longer to inform something to all and sundry. He needs to speak to Kajol himself.

Dida asks wherein is Anurag? Is he now no longer having breakfast? Sharmila says he become strolling late, so I packed meals for him. Dida compares Sharmila with Anjali and scolds her for giving lunch container to Anurag as an alternative making him devour warm snacks. She asks do you even realize a way to take care of a own circle of relatives? Sharmila receives harm and leaves. Abhishek speaks from Sharmila’s aspect and tells Dida that Sharmila raised Anurag higher than Anjali. She has completed numerous sacrifices for Anurag. If you can’t reward her efforts, then at the least don’t say bad.

Chandana tells Kajol, you’ve got got changed. Kajol says, I am nevertheless the same. Please at the least concentrate to me. Chandana says, we can’t forget about society’s questions. It may be higher in case you marry Anurag. Sometime consider your own circle of relatives too. Naina hears it and thinks what a plan. Now every body will assume that Kajol become compelled to marry Anurag and he or she had no interest. What a pointy thoughts she has. After leaving Arjun, she trapped even larger party.

Precap: Same as Friday: Anurag writes a letter, pricey Kajol, I am sorry. Give me one danger please. He is going to present her the letter, however doesn’t have braveness to stand her. He hides while she turns at him. He then offers the letter to a person to supply it to her. Kajol says to a person that after one says sorry from coronary heart, you need to forgive that person. Anurag receives satisfied listening to that. Later, Anurag and Kajol are visible dancing.


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