Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 22th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Anurag telling Sharmila that he can’t cross, and asks her to head. Sharmila says they’ve invited you and now no longer me, and asks him to head. He remembers Kajol’s phrases and says he’s uncomfortable after the information. Sharmila asks him to head and make clear together along with her own circle of relatives.

He thinks if I don’t cross today, then can be greater troubles will come. He thinks he shall now no longer do any mistake and shall cross. Everyone sitting for the shradh puja. Chandana seems at Kajol. Naina waits for Arjun’s own circle of relatives to arrive. Pandit ji asks them to feed the meals to the crow and asks Chandana to position some thing withinside the havan. Chandana makes Naina contact it, however stops Kajol. He says all of the own circle of relatives participants shall provide ahuti to Vishwanath ji. Chandana stops Kajol for giving ahuti to Vishu’s soul.

Anurag comes there and notices Chandana’s behavior. Chandana says your call may have come withinside the newspaper and you would possibly get famous, however it isn’t always vital that you may rule here, it’s miles my husband’s shradh, so I will decide. Kajol says allow me provide ahuti, don’t take hold of this proper from me. Pishimaa tells Chandana that even Vishy needs this. Chandana says now no longer after seeing her actual face. Kajol insists. Chandana holds her hand. Naina says you’ve got got killed your baba on your selfishness.

Chandana asks Apu to take a seat down and says you may provide ahuti, and tells that the daughter has given him ache. Anurag asks what’s the usage of such relations, which offers us not anything than ache. Kajol receives pained and receives up. Anurag thinks she is bearing ache from her own circle of relatives and me. He feels terrible seeing her condition. Someone sees Anurag and tells Chandana. Naina says why did he come here? She says shameless Anurag. Chandana says I will asks him to head.

Pishimaa says he’s invited as he gave his shoulder to Vishu’s pyre. Kajol imagines Vishu asking what befell? Kajol says the way to make anyone accept as true with my truth. Vishu asks her now no longer to get terrified of problems and combat with it, says you could most effective manage the house. He says you may get assist soon, who will assist you. Kajol asks whilst? Vishu says very soon, all of the universe, will appeal to him in the direction of you. Anurag seems at Kajol sitting at the bench and thinks if he shall communicate to her, thinks problems may growth if I communicate to her. He thinks to maintain the stuff and leave.

Rajesh sees Anurag and asks how is he? Anurag says I am fine. Rajesh says sorry for the NGO order and tells that in case you need, then I will inform anyone which you have given cash to lenders to clean their misunderstandings. Anurag asks him now no longer to inform and thinks she can be able to sense terrible if she involves recognize approximately my help. Anurag asks Rajesh if any information from PS. Rajesh says no, and tells that Uttam has threatened them, and her mom is accusing Chandana. Anurag thinks why Kajol’s mom hates her. Arjun is withinside the vehicle with Arundita and Kaushik. Shreya calls him and thinks what are they hiding from me.

Naina asks Chandana to maintain eye on Kajol, says Arjun and his own circle of relatives may be coming, I don’t need Kajol to do any drama. Chandana asks her now no longer to worry. She says Kajol has achieved sufficient and remembers her phrases. She says Kajol will do, as I say. Kajol receives up and sees Anurag. She thinks of Chandana’s phrases and feels sorry. She thinks I shall ask you to head and don’t need Maa to sense any ache. Chandana comes out and says I want to speak to you. Pishimaa asks what Chandana needs to speak to her.

Shreya calls Amrita. Amrita says hello bhabhi. Shreya asks if they’re going somewhere. Amrita says going to Kajol’s bhabhi house. Shreya asks her to forestall calling her bhabhi and thinks why are they going there? She thinks Arjun ought to have satisfied them, thinks she has to head returned, he can’t cross close to Kajol, he’s mine.

Kaushik says we’re coming there as you need to have relation with Naina. Arjun says my purpose is to punish Kajol. Chandana asks Kajol to do as she said, if she desires to do the ahuti. Kajol guarantees her. Chandana says now you could’t returned off. Anurag seems at them. Chandana takes Kajol interior and asks Pandit ji to allow her do the ultimate ahuti. Kajol offers the ultimate ahuti. Pishimaa tells Chandana that she did proper. Anurag is set to leave, whilst he sees Arjun, Kaushik and Arundita. The human beings gossip wondering why did they arrive and they’re status with folded fingers.

Chandana folds her fingers and thank you them for coming. Kaushik says some thing befell that day. Chandana apologizes and says so as to appear again. Arjun says even you gave us 2nd chance. Kajol thinks what Arjun’s own circle of relatives is doing here, thinks if Maa desired to get Arjun and Naina’s alliance. Arundita says I satisfied anyone to return back on your promise. Chandana says Kajol will express regret to anyone. Kajol comes there. Chandana reminds her promise. She asks them to return back interior. They all come interior. Chandana asks Kajol to express regret to them infront of anyone, with folded fingers and her eye sight down and with all her heart. Kajol feels helpless.

Arundita says adequate Chandana ji, we can leave. Chandana asks Kajol to express regret. Kajol apologizes inquiring for forgiveness, and says some thing I said, on your insult and elevating hand on Arjun. She says I am ashamed of my doings and apologizing to you all today. She says I even have achieved a massive mistake and says sorry. Anurag hears her and is shocked, seeing how helpless she turned into to express regret.

Precap may be introduced later..


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