Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 1st October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Rajesh going to the print machine and says he came from CA, with account subtleties book. Kajol says I never saw accounts book, I don’t figure I can do this. Rajesh says I will show you everything, except you need to come. He says CA told that the press is sold, assuming we don’t return the cash, we will lose this print machine. He says we need to get some business. Kajol says how to manage the cash banks, we need to give some cash to them. She says I need to return all their cash, don’t have any desire to stain Baba’s name. She requests Rajesh to make a rundown from old customers and says we will meet them by and by. Rajesh says I will make the rundown.

Naina comes and sits in Arjun’s vehicle. She says goodness, a particularly decent vehicle. Arjun says it is of my cash. Naina says I realize how much fit you are. Arjun says I am harmed after Kajol charged me. Naina says I know. She inquires as to whether you have still affections for me. Arjun says Kajol was my life’s greatest slip-up. Naina says I generally thought Kajol di isn’t your sort. He asks who is my sort? Naina says well and grins. Arjun says Mom and Tai ji consistently believed that I ought to have picked you rather than Kajol. Naina inquires as to yourself? Your opinion about me. Arjun says clearly I trust you and feel OK with you, as I am talking about this load of things with you. Shreya calls Arjun and inquires as to whether he is attempting to keep away from him.

Arjun says no. Shreya says again you went to Kajol’s home. Arjun says I am occupied now and finishes the call. He lets Naina know that it was Mummy’s call inquiring as to whether I had food. Naina thinks she isn’t Kajol, yet Naina and I realized that it was your Bhabhi’s call and not your mummy’s call. She requests that he stop the vehicle and says lets have frozen yogurt to brighten you up. They get down the vehicle. Arjun inquires as to whether Kajol realizes that we are meeting.

Dr. Anurag inquires as to whether Kajol realize that we are meeting. Rajesh says no, I told that I am meeting a customer. Dr. Anurag gives Senior official Bhowmik’s card and says he is my old companion and senior official. He says I conversed with him and he will begin examination for Vishwanath ji. Rajesh expresses gratitude toward him for his assistance. He says might be I wasn’t right, however I have an uncertainty that Uttam may be behind the robbery who gave cash. Dr. Anurag says even Police has question on him. Rajesh gets up to leave. Dr. Anurag says cash should be given to the cash loan specialists before dinnertime. Rajesh says we are attempting. Dr. Anurag says it isn’t developed on tree and gives him cash to give the cash loan specialists.

Rajesh is contacted and says what to say? Dr. Anurag says don’t utter a word, simply oversee by one way or another. Rajesh gets appreciative and keeps the cash in his pack. Kajol calls him. Rajesh says he came to Bank to make plans for cash. Kajol requests that he come there and says she can’t meet customer alone. Rajesh says I am coming to there and says thanks to Dr. Anurag once more. He leaves. Dr. Anurag takes a gander at Kajol’s pic.

Kajol is going in an auto and sees Arjun and Naina having frozen yogurt. She requests that auto driver stop the auto and thinks how is Arjun doing Naina. She thinks Naina is juvenile, on the off chance that she may come in his discussions. She gets down from the auto. She gets Rajesh’s call that he arrived at Nandan’s office. Arjun and Naina leave in the vehicle. Rajesh thinks on the off chance that Nandan gives them some cash, he will return Dr. Anurag’s cash. Dr. Anurag trusts there will be no issue in Kajol’s life now.

A young lady gets down from the vehicle and comes to Dr. Anurag’s emergency clinic. She calls him, however he is lost in musings. She embraces him and asks how is he? He says I am fine, I am grieved, it is slipped from my brain that you are joining the clinic. She says you are giving cold reaction to an old companion and requests a warm embrace.

Dr. Anurag glances around. She says you are same, abnormal, strange and calm. I figured you will change a little. Anurag says when everything is acceptable, why to change. The young lady goes to his lodge and says since you are not changed, there is no heartfelt point. He considers Kajol. She says young lady and love change a man. He gets thinking.

Kajol goes to the workplace. She asks did you get the papers. Rajesh says yes. Kajol says she is extremely apprehensive. Rajesh says Vishu sir and Nandan sir worked for quite a while, worry don’t as well. They get in Nandan’s lodge and hear him conversing with somebody, not to bring cash and connection between business. He then, at that point, welcomes them. Rajesh says she is Vishwanath ji’s little girl. Nandan says as much your marriage… and says sorry. Kajol says on the off chance that you support us, it will help us in the business. Nandan says however organization was not sold previously.

Rajesh says we will get it liberated on the off chance that we get business and will have same quality and so on He says I can’t give you agreement and says he has done agreement with another person previously. He says there will be a contrast among Vishu and his girl. Kajol requests that he trust her. He says it is agreement of lakhs, not the foundation. Rajesh requests that she come. They leave. Kajol sits on the seat as Rajesh purchases tea. She opens the water bottle spout, it falls and turns over. Kajol reviews Vishu requesting that she center while riding the cycle. Rajesh brings it and asks her not to lose trust, as they need to go to many spots.

They meet numerous old customers, yet they don’t get any agreement. Thoda sa badal plays… ..She sits on the seat and figures what I will tell to the cash moneylenders. She figures how I will oversee without you baba. She sees Vishu sitting adjacent to her, and he asks her not to lose trust unexpectedly early, you are my fearless young lady, center. Kajol gestures her head. She gets Shyam’s call and checks out Vishu, yet he isn’t there. Rajesh requests that Kajol converse with Shyam. Kajol says what I will tell him. Rajesh says I will go to not many individuals and come. Kajol asks where? He says you return home, I will proceed to will tell you later. He thinks Dr. Anurag gave him guarantee and halted him.

Pishimaa says who will help us. Apu says what I will do. Chandana says don’t have the foggiest idea what cash banks will do and faults Kajol. She says assuming we had Arjun’s help, he would have reimbursed all the cash. Pishimaa says it will be his cash, in the event that we will get our girl wed him for this. Rekha tells Chandana that Kajol went to meet the customers. Kajol hangs tight for Rajesh and figures cash moneylenders may be coming.

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