Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 18th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Pishimaa asking Anurag, what has took place to Kajol? Kajol is unconscious. Anurag says these days Kajol….Naina says sufficient and says everytime you intend an twist of fate in order that no person scolds you. She shaken up Kajol and says you changed into in Dr. Anurag’s embody and now mendacity like this. She asks her to open her eyes. Dr. Anurag asks Naina to close up and says you’ll now no longer dare to speak to Kajol like this. He tells Pishimaa that best you’re her support,

deal with Kajol. He seems at Chandana and says I haven’t visible such mom and sister earlier than until date, and says if there has been any put off then you definitely each could had been a hit to take her existence. Chandana asks what you’re accusing me? Anurag says I need to offer you strict reply, however my values are preventing me. He says the way you behaved together along with her in Durga Puja, and says how she could have felt. He says what to inform the woman, who’s then mom of the woman whom I …..

He then stops and says whom I admire from my heart. He says Kajol doesn’t deserve such residence and own circle of relatives. chandana asks how dare you to curse us in our residence? Kajol profits consciousness. Naina pushes Anurag. Anurag warns Naina now no longer to the touch her, and additionally now no longer to misbehave together along with her.

Naina says she is my sister and I can do some thing together along with her. Kaushik says that is circus. Arundita says they discover new drama always. Naina asks Anurag what you’re upto? Anurag says you each shall inform approximately your drama, and says you’ve got got damaged her braveness to that level, that she took the intense step of suicide. Pishimaa asks Kajol, did you attempt to supply your existence.

Sharmila offers some thing to Dida. Dida asks who made it. Sharmila says Baluda. Dida scolds her and asks her to make food. Abhishek says Baluda made food, as Sharmila changed into busy in puja. Dida asks wherein is Anurag? Abhishek says he went to sanatorium and asks Dida to rest.

Naina asks if she instructed you earlier than going to suicide and asks wherein did you discover her, on terrace or rail tracks. Anurag asks her to forestall it and asks Chandana, why you’re silent, while your one daughter is taunting and accusing your some other daughter. He asks if all of your emotions are lifeless for her. Kajol says Dr. Anurag, please. You can’t communicate to my mom like this. She says I changed into now no longer seeking to devote suicide, it changed into an twist of fate. He says Kajol.

Sharmila tells Kajol needed to endure a lot after making puja preparations and asks wherein did she cross? Abhishek says each of them appearance top collectively really.

Anurag asks why did you leap off from the cliff then, and says I felt that I actually have misplaced you at once. Pishimaa says you fell down from the cliff. Kajol tells that she had fallen down after saving a touch woman. She says I slipped by accident and now no longer to take my existence, my dad and mom have the proper on my existence. She says I actually have tons duty on my shoulders, and I will now no longer back down from my duties through giving my existence. Anurag says happily you’re fine. Pishimaa says happily you’re fine, I will convey haldi milk for you.

Abhishek says we can’t overlook that Kajol changed into approximately to come to be Arjun’s wife. Sharmila asks didn’t you recognize why that marriage changed into known as off and says we recognize how Arjun is. She says Kajol is Anjali’s preference and says I actually have visible love and admire for Kajol in Anurag’s eyes. Abhishek says yes, you stated proper. Anjali has selected her bahu earlier than going.

Kajol thank you Anurag for saving her existence and for convey her home. Anurag asks her to take care. Naina calls him whats up Minister and asks wherein are you going, after doing a lot tamasha infront of my sasural and asks will you cross so easily? Arjun says Naina, its ok. We are recurring to those dramas. Arjun is going to Chandana and tells that day by day drama ruined baba,

marriage breaking and now affair. She says now she is making an attempt to interrupt my relation. Kajol says you’re my more youthful sister, I could be very glad if that man changed into top. Naina says will you decide, with whom my marriage could be constant and says you’ve got got diploma in family members and feature A in person certificate. She says everyone’s favored will take selection for all of us.

Anurag says forestall it Naina, it’s miles sufficient now, aleven though I shall now no longer say. Naina says live farfar from our own circle of relatives matters, and says you each have stricken us a lot. Pishimaa comes again and asks what goes on till now. Kajol asks what did I do which you are pronouncing some thing approximately my person. Naina says you shall get Oscars in your expressions, you’re heroine and I am vamp, I am merciless and you’re helpless. She says baba has spoiled you and asks Chandana to pick among Kajol di and her. Arundita, Arjun and their own circle of relatives experience the drama happily. Naina asks Chandana to inform. Chandana holds Naina’s hand. Naina smiles.

Arjun smiles. Kajol says Maa, no. She says you can’t go away me, baba has already left me. She says I could be by myself and holds her hand. Chandana leaves Kajol’s hand, while Anurag holds her hand. Naina seems evilly. Chandana angry. Everyone is puzzled. He takes Kajol to the centre of the hall, nevertheless conserving her hand. He says you’ll by no means be by myself in existence as I will by no means go away you. He says I pick you. Arjun symptoms and symptoms Chandana and Naina to appearance.

Precap: Anurag tells Kajol, I need to marry you. Tell me whether or not you’ll marry me or now no longer. Kajol says, how did you even assume that? By pronouncing this in the front of everyone, you placed affirmation on their doubts. Later, Pishimaa asks Kajol, why did you assert no to Anurag? Kajol says, he’s a superb man, however there’s already a person else in his existence.


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