Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 17th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Chandana wishing Kajol could have died as opposed to Vishu, and says the happiness could have were given saved. She says Kajol is useless for me nowadays. Kajol hears the entirety on name and cries. Pishimaa asks who says this for her daughter, I don’t need to listen such inauspicious talks. Kajol maintains to cry. Dida asks why did you allow such lady come right here for puja and says her family changed into accusing and asks Sharmila and Abhishek how did they allow her come right here. Sharmila says Kajol isn’t that sort of a lady and says she may be very good, and sings like Bhabhi.

She says she changed into Anjali Bhahi’s favored pupil and her reflection. Dida says it changed into my mistake to left Anurag with you each. She calls her helper Pushpa and is going. Sharmila says how to inform her, that she is Anurag’s desire too. Anurag comes there and asks Pishimaa if she noticed Kajol? Sharmila says no. Priyanka asks him to go away her by myself for sometime, and says she desires time to conquer the humiliation. Dida thinks Priyanka is appropriate for him. Anurag says Visarjan can’t take place with out Kajol.

Priyanka says what you could do as she is gone. Anurag says anything she has felt simply now and says I can’t be quiet seeing her in pain, whom I love. Priyanka says love. Sharmila hears him. Anurag says I take care of her and says she has finished a lot for me. Sharmila tells Anurag that Visarjan association is finished, and says Kajol has finished the arrangements, and you may do the visarjan. Anurag says ok.

Sharmila is grateful to God, and says you’ve got got made Anurag confessed his emotions for Kajol. She says each are in pain, unite them Maa. Kajol sees the procession happening from there for Visarjan. She remembers Vishu’s phrases that Durga Maa is going away with all our problems in order that we will face new issues in new year. Kajol asks Durga Maa to make Maa apprehend and says I haven’t any relation with Dr. Anurag, he’s a pleasant man and helped me a lot. She asks Durga Maa to clean all of the misunderstandings from her lifestyles and says I can’t undergo it anymore now. She then prays for Dr. Anurag and says he changed into accused because of me,

and says don’t punish him because of me. She asks Durga Maa to bathe his emotions on him. Anurag does the aarti and asks God to do away with all her issues, or supply him a lot power that he can assist her remove all of the problems. Anurag comes there for Visarjan of the goddess. A little lady comes there and runs at the back of the ball. Kajol sees her rolling down toward the cliff and runs to store her. The lady is ready to fall down. Kajol holds her hand. The lady asks her to store her. Kajol says I won’t allow whatever take place to you. She manages to drag the lady with force. She then hugs the lady and asks her now no longer to worry. The lady thank you her. The lady’s dad and mom come there and thank her for saving their daughter,

risking her very own lifestyles. Kajol choices the lady’s dupatta and is ready to name her. Anurag sees Kajol status close to the cliff. Just then Kajol loses her stability and is ready to fall down. Anurag runs seeing her falling down. Kajol holds the dupatta because it receives caught withinside the department at the cliff. Anurag asks her to offer her hand. Kajol offers her hand to him. He pulls her up and she or he faints. He says what you changed into going to do, I promise I will by no means shout at you. He asks her to open her eyes.

Naina asks Chandana to have a few rest. Apu says don’t recognize why Badi maa isn’t choosing the name. Naina says she is shameless and sitting there till now. She says I am in tension, anything occurred there, changed into because of Kajol di. She says Arjun is insulted once more there and says I worry that they may damage the relation. Chandana asks her to forestall it and visit room. Door bell rings. Arjun and his own circle of relatives are on the door step. Arundita asks Chandana what to do now?

She says on every occasion you and our own circle of relatives meet, there’s a drama and nowadays it changed into much, we will’t undergo more. Chandana says even I am bored with this, and says I will strive that not anything of that type take place once more. She tells Kaushik that it’s miles their obligation to ensure that Naina don’t go through due to Kajol. She asks them to return back and sit. She tells Arjun that she is feeling horrific for anything did with him. Arjun says if Papa haven’t come among us, then I wouldn’t have left him. He says even he cares for this own circle of relatives being the a part of the own circle of relatives too.

Naina says a thousand Anurag is not anything infront of you Arjun. She asks Arundita and Kaushik now no longer to punish Arjun and her because of Kajol. Lekha says we will reflect onconsideration on Naina and Arjun. Arundita says Kajol couldn’t see their happiness and does a few drama simply as she receives the chance. Tai ji says we’ve got a lot recognize and it’s miles very embarrassing for us. Arundita says we will’t insult our own circle of relatives for our son’s happiness.

Just then they see Anurag bringing subconscious Kajol there. Chandana shouts at Anurag. Pishimaa says we are able to ask later and asks Anurag to make her lie down at the sofa. She asks Anurag what occurred to her. Anurag says Kajol attempted to dedicate suicide nowadays. Pishimaa is shocked.

Precap: Naina tells Chandana, you’ll must pick among me and Kajol di. Chandana maintains her hand on Naina’s hand. Kajol tells her, please maa. Baba already left me. If you furthermore mght depart me, then I can be by myself. Hearing that, Anurag is going to Kajol and says, you’ll by no means be by myself. I will by no means depart you. I pick you. Will you marry me? Kajol seems on in a shock.


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