Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 12th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Rajesh coming domestic and tells Pishimaa that he got here to offer account books to Kajol. Pishimaa says Kajol isn’t at domestic. Naina takes the document from his hand and says I will supply to Kajol di. She assessments the document and says permit me see, what goes on? Pishimaa says that is workplace debts book, I will keep.

She takes the document, however drops the passbook. She says 15 lakhs were given deposited withinside the account and 10 lakhs transferred to Meghna Das days back. Anurag asks Putul now no longer to do that once more and says you acquire hurt. Putul says Didi attempted to name you. Anurag says after I referred to as her back, you each had left. He asks wherein is Kajol? Putul says she is giving cash to car driver. Chandana asks Shyam and Apu to do preparations for puja. Lekha asks her to take medicine. Naina comes there shouting and tells Chandana that 15 lakhs got here in agency account and Kajol transferred 10 lakhs to Meghna Das. Chandana seems on the passbook.

Naina suggests it to all of us. Pishimaa asks them to invite Kajol earlier than coming to the conclusion. Chandana asks if she talked to us, and says she need to have requested us once, earlier than giving this sort of huge quantity to Meghna. She says she is taking agency decisions, we don’t have cash and giving a lot cash to the people. Naina asks Anu to reward Kajol extra and says she didn’t supply your fees, depart my marriage. Chandana says I couldn’t apprehend this female, she suggests me her new avatar daily. She asks wherein is she? Naina says I will take you there the next day to reveal her new avatar with Anurag.

Kajol offers the cash to the automobile driver. Anurag comes there. Kajol says sorry for taking Putul out. Anurag says puja is completed and Baba and Pishimaa went domestic. Kajol says I shouldn’t have gone. Anurag asks her to return back. Kajol comes domestic and asks what happened? Naina thinks diwali crackers will burst one with the aid of using one, first Megha’s 10 lakhs Rs cracker and 2d cracker the next day.

Pishimaa asks her to clean up. Naina says she can be able to clean up later. Kajol asks what’s the matter? Naina says 15 lakhs got here in agency’s account and five lakhs is left now and asks wherein did 10 lakhs go? Kajol is ready to say. Meghna comes there and says I will inform you. She says if Kajol had now no longer given me cash, then my Baba couldn’t be stored.

She returns her cash. Kajol says there has been trouble in Meghna’s account and financial institution changed into closed, and that’s why….Meghna praises Chandana and Vishu’s upbringing. Kajol offers the cash to Anu and says she can be able to supply her ultimate cash very soon. Anu thank you her with a hug. Pishimaa asks Naina to assume once more, earlier than announcing anything. Naina thinks Di is stored once more, future is right, however it’ll now no longer aid you always, simply watch for the next day.

Next day, Putul takes the rasgulla from the prasad plate. Dida scolds her retaining her ear and says in case your mom didn’t educate you, that prasad wishes to be served to God first. Kajol comes there and asks Putul now no longer to worry. She tells Dida that the children has the proper at the prasad etc. Pandit ji asks her to convey puja stuff. Kajol goes. Priyanka receives satisfied that Dida is disenchanted with Kajol and thinks to take the advantage. Dida says who’s this female, who’s arguing with me.

Arjun involves Vishu’s residence. Naina asks him to persuade Maa and tells that Pishimaa isn’t at domestic, and it is right for us, asks him to reveal his magic. Arjun comes there and convinces Chandana to return back for the puja. He says Anurag is my own circle of relatives and emotionally blackmails her to wait the puja. Naina asks Chandana to agree and says I am certain even Baba desired us to visit NGO. Shyam and Lekha ask them to head. Lekha says we can’t depart the residence alone, so we are able to live at domestic.

Arjun winks his eye at Naina and asks them to get ready. Chandana says I strictly requested Kajol now no longer to visit puja and says I will name her. Naina stops her and says Kajol di went to workplace, she can be able to get her huge charge today. She says Arjun and his own circle of relatives may be there, it’s miles higher to keep away from the drama. She says we are able to convey bhog for didi.

Anurag seems at Kajol whilst the tune tumhe kitna chahne lage plays….Sharmila sees Anurag smiling at her and says she is beautiful. Sharmila asks shall I talk. Anurag says he wishes to speak to her. He realizes and says he changed into speakme approximately Devimaa. Sharmila calls him liar and says Devimaa’s idol is hat side, and says I recognise what’s to your heart, and asks him to admit his feelings. Anurag says I will simply be back. Sharmila prays to Durga Maa and says I need Kajol to are available Anurag’s existence and she or he shall experience the equal like Anurag feels for kajol. Naina asks all of us to get ready.

Shyam offers sweets, culmination and items for children. Chandana seems at Vishu’s pic. Dida asks who’s this mannerless female? Priyanka says she changed into the only who had left the puja yesterday. Dida says her tongue works a great deal and asks Priyanka to head and assist Anurag withinside the puja, why this female wishes to do. Priyanka says you stated proper and sees Kajol coming in the direction of her. She makes Kajol falls down and the prasad falls down. Dida scolds Kajol and calls Sharmila. She says this female has spoiled my saree. Kajol apologizes. Pandit ji asks Kajol to convey the milk for charn amrit. Anurag receives worried. Dida sends Priyanka to convey the milk. Priyanka thinks very soon, I will grab Anurag from you.

Sharmila desires Kaushik, Arundita and Tai ji. She calls Anurag. Anurag greets them from far. Dida comes there and hugs Arundita. Tai ji says we didn’t recognise which you have come here. Dida says don’t contact my feet, and says I am now no longer old. She says if I had advised then you definitely might you’ve got got welcomed me. Kaushik asks her to order. Dida asks approximately Ayaan and Arjun. Arundita says Ayaan is busy in paintings and tells that Arjun went to choose his unique friend. Shreya thinks he went to choose Naina. Kajol attempts to dry her saree, whilst Anurag is ready to return back there, however stops.

Precap may be brought later.


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