A millionaire woman from Moscow is already the mother of 11 children and now hopes to have dozens more with the help of surrogate mother. 23-year-old Russian mother Christina Oztark lives in the coastal city of Batumi, Georgia, with her wealthy hotel owner husband Gallip Oztark. Where to become a surrogate mother is legal. Thinking about the couple and children after 10 surrogate babies and one Christina’s own baby. Christina loves children more, because of this she wants to do so.

Christina is originally from Moscow. She said it was love at first sight when she first met Gallip. At the same time, Gallip said that it was love for him at first sight. Gallip said that it is so easy to be with her, she always has a smile on her lips and yet she is very mysterious. She is the kind of wife I always wanted for myself, a diamond. I saw how kind-hearted she is. Surrogate Mothers charge around 8,000 Euros per child

The couple also agreed that they wanted more and more children, but were ambitious and realized that their fertility was not enough to meet their demands. They decided to enlist the help of Surrogate Mothers, who charge around 8,000 euros per child. Being financially prosperous, they now have 10 children besides Christina’s daughter Vika whom she brought into the marriage.

They choose young women. They only choose women who are young and have already been pregnant once, and they also check to make sure that women are not in bad habits or addictions. They say they will allow their existing children to grow up a bit before adding more children to their family. She also acknowledges that taking care of so many children at once proved to be more difficult than she thought.


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