This vegetable will be useful in softening torn ankles, this home recipe is very effective

One of the problems of heel rupture is due to dryness in the skin of Tuya. We are telling you an easy and homely recipe to avoid this problem. Onion is very effective in relieving heel rupture. If you eat raw onion or apply onion juice on your ankles, both ways will be beneficial. It is better that you consume raw onion and plant it on your feet at once.

Ayurveda says that onions have Vata sedative properties that destroy the increased air in the body. Actually, the problem of dryness in the skin and the breakdown of the skin is this Vata. When it comes out of the body, the skin starts to get cold.

Ingredients like phosphorus, zinc, magnesium and iron are found in onions. They flush out toxins deposited in the skin and increase blood flow. Vitamins A, C and E are also found in onions. All these vitamins act like a team for beautiful and healthy skin.

Use this to
prepare a small onion juice in a mixer or grated. Mix one spoon of honey in it. If there is no honey, olive oil ie olive oil can also be added.

Apply this mixture on the torn part of the ankles by hand and massage it lightly. After taking 20 to 25 minutes, wash the feet with fresh water and clean the feet.

Along with applying onion juice on the ankles, massage mustard oil, olive oil or castor oil on the ankles before going to bed at night.


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