Jethalal did Bhachau's land deal for 75 lakhs, but this big trouble came in front

Is Jethalal ‘s plan going to fail? Will all preparations to catch Bogilal remain in balance? Will Jethalal not be able to get the outstanding amount of 50 lakhs? Fans of Taarak Mehta’s inverted show (Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah) show are now desperate to know the answer to these questions because there is a person who has spoiled the whole game and has opened all the polls. The person is none other than Baga, who has inadvertently failed all plans to capture Bogilal.

The whole truth came in front of Bogilal

If there is no payment, then the shop will have to sell, so Jethalal was going to sell the land of his forefathers, but then he comes to know that the one with whom Sundarlal has made the deal with the land is none other than Bogilal, whom Jethalal got 50 Lakhs of rupees have to be given, but he has said that he is compelled not to give money by declaring himself bankrupt. But now the truth has come in front of Bogilal that all the Gokuldham residents were preparing to trap him.

With 50 lakh rupees, will the land also go by hand?

Now the question is that with Rs 50 lakh, now the land of his forefathers will also come out of the hands of Jethalal? In fact, with the fraudulent tendency of Bogilal, a person can understand his intentions in advance that he can take such a step. However, to implicate Bogilal, the society has also taken his bodyguard hostage, but Bogilal can go to any extent and he has even pointed a gun on Mehta saheb and is absconding with the land papers. So will Bogilal be successful in his plans? Will he escape from Jethalal’s house? We have to wait for the next episode to see it.


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