You must have heard the surprising surprises of the friendship. But the touching story of friendship between humans and birds is rarely heard. This is the story in Turkey. A Turkish man has been friends with Hans for thirty-seven years. The person had this goose rescued. Since then, the two have maintained an unusual friendship. Retired postman Recep Mirzan received a swan 37 years ago in Turkey’s western Adirne province.

The injured swan was saved for life:
Mirzan and his friends were going somewhere when their eyes were on the swan. His wings were broken and he lay in an empty ground. Mirzan immediately took the swan to himself from the hunters and kept him in the car until that afternoon. He then brought her home with him. Since then this goose has lived with this man in his house and farm in the border of Greece.

turkish man is best friends with swan
Have care for each other: Whenever
Hans goes out of the field, Mirzan goes after him. In the evening, the two go for a walk together. Mirzan says that I love animals. When I saw this innocent person injured, I felt that instead of leaving it like this, I should take it home. We like us with each other. Our friendship is confirmed. never shall we Part. Mirzan has named Hans as Garip.

Nearby went also to Bejubanon FRIENDS
Once cured the wings of friendship Garip Mirjan went to be assured, as well as he has built around dog friend cats. The 63-year-old Mirzan says that Garip remains devoted to him like a firm friend.


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