This is the secret of Nushrat Bharucha's beauty, actress told beauty and skin care secrets

Beautiful pictures of actress Nusrat Bharucha are often raging on the internet. His fans just want to know how he looks at 22 at the age of 35.

According to media reports, Nusrat has stated that she starts her day with a collagen drink to maintain the consistency of her skin. They say that collagen drink keeps my skin flexible, it also reduces the effect of free radicals of the body. Nusrat mixes a spoonful of collagen supplement in a glass of water and takes this drink first thing in the morning.

Drinking 3 to 4 liters of water,
Nusrat Bharucha has told in an interview that she drinks three to four liters of water daily and also takes omega-3 supplements. They say that both these things keep their skin hydrated and glowing all the time.

Focus of nutrition in diet
According to media reports, Nusrat takes full care of nutrition in his diet so that metabolism works properly. She consumes low-carbs and high protein foods in her diet. The whole day’s diet of Nusrat is divided into three heavy miles and two minor miles.

The emphasis on nutritious food
assumes that you become as you eat. Because the effect of our food is visible on both our face and body. She emphasizes the need to eat nutritious food to stay fit and healthy.


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